3 Ways The Driskill Increased Ancillary Revenue Using Tock

In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, The Driskill—a Romanesque architectural masterpiece built in 1866—exemplifies grandeur and tradition. Since switching to Tock’s integrated solution in June 2022, the hotel has experienced a surge in ancillary revenue. Delve into how The Driskill innovatively crafted and sold new experiences on Tock alongside their classic reservations.

Challenge: Differentiating itself in a saturated market with plenty of unique hotel offerings.

In a city bursting with options, The Driskill faced the challenge of standing out among the competition by positioning itself not just as a place to stay but as a hub of rich experiences, culture, and signature offerings.

Tock Solution: An all-in-one sales platform highlighting and selling diverse hotel experiences.

The Driskill was able to showcase and sell a range of experiences—from pre-theater dinners to property tours and elegant Sunday afternoon teas—using Tock.

Tock’s flexible pricing capabilities allowed The Driskill to vary pricing for these offerings. For example, their Sunday teas start at $90 for adults and $45 for children, while special occasions like Easter or Christmas go up to $125 for adults and $75 for children. Their afternoon tea experience alone has generated a staggering $138,000 in revenue since 2021.

Challenge: Evolving with changing times and expectations by introducing novel, family-friendly experiences.

While their afternoon tea was a success, The Driskill understood that diversifying its portfolio would cater to a broader audience and ensure business resilience.

Tock Solution: Sell multiple experiences at the same time.

In a creative partnership with Wish Upon a Star Parties, The Driskill curated an immersive princess tea party experience. The Driskill’s Victorian Ballroom hosted families for song, dance, and interactions with beloved Disney characters. As a bonus, each child received a keepsake tiara. With tickets priced at $125 for adults and $75 for children, this tea party added over $17,550 in ancillary revenue with just two services.

Challenge: Finding ways to become a community staple.

For The Driskill, fostering local relationships wasn’t just about revenue—it was about embedding itself deeply within the Austin community, offering guests authentic local experiences.

Tock Solution: Ability to showcase all events and offerings, including partner collaborations, within a virtual storefront.

The Driskill’s Tock landing page became a beacon for showcasing their variety of exclusive, special events. A pairing menu collaboration with a fellow Austin business, Desert Door Distillery, brought in over $7,500 in additional revenue.

Using Tock, The Driskill didn’t just adjust to the changing hospitality scene—they flourished, revealing new sources of income while strengthening their position as a key destination in Austin. This blend of creativity, collaboration, and dedication to hospitality sets them as a prime example in the hotel industry, showing that traditional businesses can create modern success stories with the right tools and outlook.

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