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4 Websites Redefining the Retail Experience

By Jackie Wright, Principal for Pineapple Procurement
13 January 2021
3 min read
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Now that the virtual hordes and the stress of holiday shopping during a pandemic has waned, it’s time to examine a new trend in online shopping. Looking to mimic the visual simplicity of in-person shopping and targeting affluent international shoppers starved for the discovery of travel, these newcomers are highly curated, often offering limited editions as the sole online source. Here’s a quartet of websites innovating when we need it most.

Rose Crosby
With products organized by country and payments accepted in five currencies, Rose Crosby pinpoints the international nexus of interior design, fashion, and beauty. Check out South Korean ceramicist Sanghyuk Yoon’s dehydrated clay Yoon bowls, only found here, and Costa Brazil’s Amazonian resin. rosecrosby.com

Skip the trip to Italy and explore this fully immersive e-commerce platform for an encyclopedic tour of the country’s diverse regions and families offering unparalleled products that tell the stories of domestic rituals Italians have been practicing for years. The site has proven so successful, brick-and-mortar locations are in the works. mozzafiatto.com

Scent, light, and warmth are three key components of shelter or what Le Corbusier called a machine for living. Lucky for us, they can all be found in an affordable, portable conveyance: the candle. Always popular in design circles, they are nonetheless experiencing a pandemic-related renaissance with working from home and the striving for sanctuaries that are cozy and calming. This is particularly evidenced Trudon, where the tagline is “olfactory complexity that hints at a character rather than a genre.” You can shop the elegantly clean-lined lineup of storytelling scents evocative of time and place according to season, mood, or décor. Scents are divided up among Floral, Fruity, Herbaceous, Leathery, Spicy, and Woody. Try Sam Smith’s favorite candle, Ernesto, as in Che Guevara’s given name, an instantly soothing combo of leather and Cuban cigars, appropriate for the winter while offering a hint of the island’s tropicality. Or Cyrnos, which packages a trip to a Mediterranean island and its sensory smorgasbord of citrus gardens, fig trees, parasol pines, saltwater, and scented lavender. trudon.com

Pineapple Procurement
Great name, better furniture, fixtures, and equipment. This FF&E site from Jackie Wright is strictly for industry insiders looking for a team to specialize in managing the procurement process for boutique, lifestyle and luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and mixed-use developments, such as current clients Marram Montauk, Walker Tribeca, Faena, and Curio Santa Monica. pineappleprocurement.com

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