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5 ways hiring managers can combat a hiring crisis

By Sarah Belcher, Partner Strategist for Heartland
6 December 2022
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Is a hiring crisis blocking your ability to attract the right employees? Explore our suggestions for finding qualified candidates and attracting the best talent for your hotel.

What led to our current hiring challenges? 

To sum it up, the COVID-19 pandemic is heavily to blame. Shutdowns and social distancing caused businesses across industries to close their doors. As travel drastically declined, hotel occupancy rates fell, and layoffs followed. 

Meanwhile, organizations in certain industries, including warehousing, ecommerce, fulfillment and grocery stores, were facing unprecedented demand. To attract workers, they raised wages and offered signing bonuses. Workers flocked to these positions and are not likely to leave them.

Hiring decisions should be about candidate experience, culture fit for the employer brand, and creating a healthy and diverse workforce. Unfortunately, in today’s job market, sourcing any qualified candidates is a far bigger concern. 

5 ways to beat the talent crunch and find qualified candidates 

These labor market conditions won’t last forever. While you can be optimistic that several elements that have contributed to this hiring crisis are beginning to pass, it would be a mistake to let that optimism turn to denial. The pandemic has created permanent changes that hotels will have to face going forward. You can adapt by considering the following. 

1. Focus on recruiting 

Employee referrals, website job boards and social media posts are some of the most successful methods of recruiting. Communicate openings to existing staff, and consider creating an employee referral program that would reward them for bringing in qualified candidates. 

2. Create job descriptions that tout your culture and career paths 

Communicate to prospects that a job with your hotel is more than just a job. Create and post role descriptions that showcase your culture and your company as a place employees can grow.

3. Make applying easy 

Simplify the application process while showcasing your hotel’s commitment to providing modern HR technology for employees. Consider adopting text-to-apply technology where job seekers can apply to your open positions via text message. 

4. Offer robust onboarding 

Show new hires that you’re willing to invest in their expertise and performance with a thoughtful onboarding program. Not only will great training help you attract top talent, it can help you retain the best candidates, too. 

5. Offer flexible scheduling 

The ability to work remotely is a perk that many workers are beginning to expect. Though most hotel positions do require employees to be on site, back office roles like marketing, accounting and other operations may not. When recruiting for those positions, consider offering a flexible remote or hybrid schedule. 

The right technology can help find the right candidates. 

Taking the steps above might sound daunting if you aren’t currently using any sort of HR or recruiting software. But with the right technology, you can make talent acquisition less painful and automate key pieces of your recruiting strategy and hiring process.

When it comes to recruitment, it’s helpful to use a solution that empowers you to post your job openings on your website, job boards and social media platforms with just a few clicks. Potential candidates should easily be able to text to apply from any mobile device. You’ll want to invest in a system that makes it easy for you to manage the entire recruitment process all from one central dashboard. 

Your solution should also have an onboarding module that will help you recruit the best talent and take steps toward their retention. Look for technology that incorporates all of these capabilities into a single, cloud-based system that also helps you manage payroll and scheduling

Heartland can simplify the hiring process and other staffing needs 

Heartland Hire aggregates your job postings, current applicants and scheduled interviews in one convenient dashboard. You can also access relevant resumes, interview notes, job stats and more in your own database. Plus, you can create a new job posting in 60 seconds and get it live on your website and social media accounts with just a few clicks. 

This type of technology, combined with our personalized customer service, can help you take the steps you need to adapt to the current talent pool deficit and secure the new team members you need to run a thriving hotel. 

Learn more about Heartland’s human resources management and payroll services. To read more about hiring in hard times, check out our infographic here.

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