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A Simple Luxury Enhancement: Wellness through Aromatherapy

By Tami DeLeeuw, CFO for Essence Ring
19 December 2022
4 min read
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With the Covid pandemic finally loosening its chokehold on humanity, travel restrictions are relaxing and the Universe appears to be righting itself. Global travel is again booming. And for those whom luxury is non-negotiable, high-end resorts and hotels are back in high demand. 

Finding new ways to set establishments apart from the others has become a unique challenge for those at the forefront of the luxury travel industry. And in this business, the little things really do matter. 

Upleveled sensory experiences are just one way to rise above. Among the myriad creations of the 21st century designed to heighten the human sensory experience, those crafted to please the nose are relatively few in number. With the increased popularity of essential oils (now a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry), creative ways of applying the many benefits of oils have seen an uptick in recent years.  At the forefront of advances in scent innovation is the Essence Nasal Diffuser—a petite product that provides huge benefits.

Relaxing with Essence Ring diffuser

The Essence diffuser is a small silicone nasal ring infused with high-grade essential oils that is inserted over the septum of the nose. The benefits of essential oils are well-known worldwide, and they are now easily accessible with the use of Essence. These nasal diffusers help mitigate the smells of the modern world and grew wildly popular during the Covid pandemic as the world adjusted to life behind the mask. Essence diffusers became a must-have for tens of thousands of people not only in everyday life, but primarily in the travel, healthcare, and spa industries.

International travel is a booming industry with no significant slowdown in sight. Merging big industry with small, personal touches such as Essence nasal diffusers sets the exceptional luxury properties apart from the merely good ones. 

With more exposure and education, Essence is aggressively seeking new properties worldwide with whom to expand our experience. The Essence diffuser is a genius product because research has proven that the sense of smell is more powerful than it was once considered to be.

Scents have long been known to trigger emotions and memories. Interestingly, the amygdala (the part of the brain where emotions and memories react to specific stimuli) is directly affected by scents in the world around us. A recent study by Rockefeller University showed that participants remembered 35% of what they smelled, only 5% of what they saw, and 2% of what they heard. That makes your nose an overachiever compared to its visual and auditory counterparts. Why does this matter in the luxury resort industry?

During a recent stay at a high-end resort in London, the smells were exhilarating. The rooms were clean and spacious, the amenities spotless, the restaurants complete with robust smells, and the spa was blissfully scented. The aromatic encounter was enlivening and quixotic. In short, wholly memorable. I’ll undoubtedly be returning to this resort, in part because of the sensory experience I enjoyed while staying there.

While local cultures and customs vary, luxurious touches are noticed and appreciated at high-end resorts the world over. Whether enjoying a spa treatment or an extended hotel stay, Essence nasal diffusers afford an easy experiential upgrade by promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Lavender Essence rings, in particular, are already being used as an upgraded turn-down service in several five-star resorts to help promote a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, essential oils diffused through Essence rings help alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness and jetlag. They are also used by guests to relieve migraines and anxiety, and to foster greater relaxation.

We invite you to allow your guests the experience of aromatherapy through Essence’s unique and simple delivery system. Scents can immediately transport one back to that amazing vacation in the islands, the holidays in the mountains, or to that five-star hotel where they fell in love—all through the simple use of Essence nasal diffusers.

Relaxing at the hotel pool wearing an Essence Ring Diffuser

For more information on partnering with Essence, or to request a complementary sample, please email us at [email protected].

About the author

Tami Deleeuw is an experienced marketing professional and mother of 4. Driven by a desire to help others, she takes pride in working hard and staying organized. As co-founder and CFO of Essence, her goals are to educate others about health and wellness and create quality products.

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