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A Stylish Solution to Single-Use Plastics

30 June 2020
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TIME’s Best of CES 2020 just named Rocean on their list of most intriguing and exciting gadgets of CES, an annual hub of the latest consumer-facing technologies. It’s a global stage for innovators and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of transformation and to be heard above the noise is a fantastic achievement.

Sustainability and wellness are trends that the luxury hotel industry is working on actively to incorporate into their programming and operations. Travelers are demanding that their hotels use more sustainable practices and hoteliers are realizing that removing single-use plastics, better waste and energy management, and sustainable seafood practices can have a positive impact on both the environment and their ROI with the right partners.

Rocean One removes the need for single-use plastics with their water filter device that also flavors and carbonates tap water – did I mention the ginger flavor? Their dual pod system and carbonation “perfect personalization” control systems allow the user to create their perfect drink with micro-dosing to suit anyone’s taste profile. The flavor and enhancement pods use unsweetened natural flavors and have zero calories, zero preservatives, are allergen-free, non-GMO, organic and Kosher so you can add a dose of electrolytes or caffeine to your favorite drink without the guilt.

The design is beyond stylish and a pleasure to house on any countertop. Each glass pod is multi-use up to 24 servings each, which reduces waste even further and is Wifi-enabled so that smart technology notifies you when the CO2, filter or pods need replacement. They are also partnering with other suppliers to ensure that guests can get their favorite drinks using their system. Hotels would be able to either provide the in-room machines with filtered water only or include 2 pods for free and then additional flavors and functions can be ordered and charged for at check out.

They have been implemented in the Conrad New York Downtown where each of the hotel’s 463 rooms will have the Rocean Zero smart filtration device as one of the Conrad’s initiatives to create a more sustainable experience for their guests. Initially, the Conrad trialed the water device over a two month period in a single room and according to Rocean’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andre Jaquet, guests in the room consumed on average 1.2 liters of water per day from the Rocean – the equivalent of 5 or 6 plastic bottles. The hotel did the math and realized that they would save about 1 million plastic water bottles over the period of a year.
“Hoteliers and guests have realized that they need to act now to do what they can to help with the overwhelming issue of plastic pollution, but few people know where to start,” said Sunjay Guleria, Rocean Founder and CEO. “By putting strategies into place now, in 2020, we can save billions of single-use plastic bottles over the next decade as we expand this initiative across the globe. We are grateful to the Conrad New York Downtown’s leadership in implementing this innovative in-room solution throughout their hotel.”

The device is plumbed directly into the hotel’s water system, making it very simple to set up and the design is gaining appreciation from both hoteliers and guests. Mohini Boparai created the smart machine’s product design after herself and her husband, CEO Sunjay Guleria, conceptualized the Rocean while living in India and Amsterdam. They were interested in water filtration systems and seltzer and wondered how they could contribute to the plastic cycle by developing a product with a built-in filter and carbonation system.

If you are interested in finding out more about this innovative new product contact  solutions@rocean.com