All-in-one Floor Cleaning Solution for Hospitality Industry

Unprecedentedly Compact and Comprehensive

Phantas is presumably the most compact commercial floor cleaning robot the industry has ever seen. Its small size grants a superior pass-through ability and enables flexible movement and cleaning in tight spaces such as under-table areas and narrow aisles.
Phantas boldly integrates 4 floor cleaning modes, including vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping and dust mopping. This grants it unrivaled versatility and usability for cleaning spaces with different types of flooring, both hard and soft. It can recognize different floor types and will autonomously adjust its cleaning mode to fit the specific flooring type.

Groundbreaking Autonomous Spot Cleaning

With advanced AI vision sensors, Phantas can identify contamination on the floor and autonomously perform spot cleaning where the waste or stains are detected. No longer cleaning staff have to search and locate the spill or stains and manually walk their robot to the place to perform spot cleaning. Removing the stains right off before spread all over the floor, Phantas helps to improve workplace safety by reducing slip-and-fall injuries. Cleaning only where necessary, Phantas also brings up to 4X efficiency improvement and significantly reduces consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

Fully Autonomous Mapping

Carrying Gausium’s new-generation SLAM engine, Phantas is currently the only commercial cleaning robot in the market that supports fully autonomous mapping, a new milestone for the industry. Upon initial deployment, Phantas will automatically navigate the landscape and creates a semantic map without any external tools or installation professionals for assistance.

Smart obstacle Avoidance Based on Deep Learning

Phantas detects static and dynamic obstacles from all directions and performs autonomous smart avoidance in real-time, generating collision-free paths within its workspaces.
Unlike many off-the-shelf commercial cleaning robots, Phantas is powered by deep-learning-based algorithms and trained with millions of real-world pictures. It possesses robust obstacle recognition capability and makes behavior decisions according to the types and features of obstacles. e.g., It would drive around electric wires rather than passing them over directly.

Minimal Human Intervention

Phantas is developed to free up manpower and reduce human intervention to the greatest extent. The docking stations and IoT connectivity provide Phantas with highest level of autonomy in operation. In the meantime, with the user-friendly Gausium App, operators can control the floor cleaning via any smart mobile devices from anywhere, anytime. Phantas is a true “on demand” autonomous floor cleaner.

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