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Here’s How to Build Buyer Personas (and Why You Need Them)

You’ve probably heard that term floating around a lot, but do you actually know what a buyer persona is, how it’s constructed, and why it’s an important element of a smart marketing campaign? If you’re familiar with the concept but fuzzy on the details, pull up a chair. Let’s dig in

Who Are You? Developing a Powerful Story for Your Luxury Brand

Your brand story is the secret sauce that sets your business apart from others in your category or industry, so it’s crucial to develop a narrative that helps you connect with your target audience through shared values and emotional bonds. Every luxury brand story is bespoke, but here are some common threads that can help you build a strong foundation.

Our Top Reasons to Invest in Your Website (and What to Expect)

It’s essential for a company considering laying out that type of cash to ensure that the site will bring them a smart return on investment. As expert website builders, we’ve put together a list of your various options, and what you should expect with each.

WorldVue Announces Chris Coles as Chief Business Development Officer

WorldVue®, the trusted provider of video, digital infrastructure, wireless connectivity, and professional services to guest-centric properties worldwide, announced the appointment of Chris Coles as Chief Business Development Officer. Read the full article to find out more.

SPOTLIGHT ON Gabriel Saragovia, Founder of Rio Perdido

n this exclusive interview with the International Luxury Hotel Association, we delve into the visionary journey of the founder of Rio Perdido, a renowned eco-resort and thermal springs spa nestled within the captivating landscapes of Costa Rica. Explore the seamless integration of luxury hospitality with sustainable practices, where every aspect of guest experience harmonizes with the rich cultural and natural heritage of Costa Rica, fostering a transformative journey for visitors and locals alike.

Marriott Hotels and Manchester United’s Reimagined “Suite of Dreams” Revives the Magic of the ‘90s and the Club’s Historic Treble-Winning Season

Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of over 30 extraordinary hotel brands, evolves its partnership with Manchester United to unveil a reimagined Marriott Hotels “Suite of Dreams” at Old Trafford. This curated suite experience will celebrate the heart of cultural and football greatness, transporting fans back to an era that marked the beginning of Manchester United’s modern-day dominance.

Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina Engineered with Integrated Wellness from the Ground Up in What Will Be the World’s Tallest Residential Tower

Six Senses, part of the IHG Hotels & Resorts luxury and lifestyle portfolio, and Select Group, a renowned real estate developer headquartered in Dubai, have signed an agreement to launch Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina. This further solidifies the successful partnership that has already launched the award-winning Six Senses Residences The Palm, Dubai, the first wellness and social club in the United Arab Emirates.

ILHA Launches Los Angeles Chapter

The International Luxury Hotel Association held its first board meeting of the LA Chapter on March 22 at the offices of Hodges Ward Elliott. Marcus Lee, Executive Vice President—Development, HVS, started the chapter and will serve as the Chapter Head.

How Technology Transforms Cross-Cultural Communication in Luxury Hospitality

In the high-touch service sector, language barriers can be a formidable obstacle, hindering the seamless delivery of customer service, employee satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency. Here, we explore the evolution of language barriers in the hospitality sector and how technology is shaping the future of opportunities for frontline workers.

2024 Global Hotels Outlook

Resurgent international travel is expected to further boost worldwide hotel demand this year. While the Americas region is seeing a strong recovery for the hotel sector, improvement has been more modest in Europe and Asia-Pacific. In the articlee we review our key predictions for the hotel sector this year.

Insta-Worthy: How to Double Your Audience on Social Media In a Year

Whether you live by it or loathe it, social media continues to grow by leaps and bounds. These digital platforms are no longer just the places to get all the neighborhood tea, but also to do business. Here are some social-posting strategies that can help you see your numbers rise quickly, no matter which channel(s) you choose to focus on.

2024 is the Year of Luxury: Is Your Marketing Strategy Ahead of the Trend?

As travelers take to the roads and skies this year, they’re searching for two big things: experience and luxury. A recent survey found that one of the hottest trends for 2024 is a desire for experiential journeys tailored to travelers’ interests. We’ve put together some inspiration to help get you thinking about what guest experiences can set you apart from the crowd.

SPOTLIGHT ON Julian Tucker, General Manager, Thompson Denver

The International Luxury Hotel Association spoke with Julian Tucker, General Manager of Thompson Denver, to learn more about his innovative approach to redefining luxury hospitality in the vibrant Denver landscape. Tucker shares insights into his initiatives at Thompson Denver aimed at enhancing guest experiences – from social responsibility, to AI and authenticity.

SPOTLIGHT ON Siraj Singh, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce, The Londoner

In a recent interview, Siraj Singh spoke about shaping the narrative of luxury hospitality at The Londoner Hotel in the heart of London’s film district. From hosting prestigious events to curating diverse culinary experiences, join us in discovering how The Londoner has become a true urban retreat, redefining luxury and setting a new standard in London’s vibrant hospitality scene.

Harmonies of Heritage: Art Melanated’s Stevie Wonder Celebration at Thompson Atlanta

The vibrant world of “Our Celebration of Stevie Wonder” at the Thompson Atlanta — Buckhead, is a riveting art exhibition brought to life by Art Melanated. This immersive showcase pays homage to the genius behind “Songs in the Key of Life,” Stevie Wonder, through an eclectic array of works by visionary artists. Among them is Jennia Fredrique Aponte, co-founder of Art Melanated, alongside her husband Sol.

Integrating Wellness Tech Into the Modern Luxury Hotel

From lighting to shading to entertainment and more, Crestron has a portfolio of solutions that can make the hospitality experience even better. The conversation covered a range of topics, from the downright futuristic (an AI-powered bed that could understand an individual’s comfort needs automatically) to the technology that’s available right now.

Gilchrist & Soames: Sustainable Dispenser Solutions with Luxury in Mind

Sustainability is now a key focus for most hotels and resorts looking to create a memorable guest experience while minimizing their carbon footprint. This includes using eco-friendly products and services that promote energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing. By adopting these practices, hotels contribute to a more sustainable future and enhance their reputation as responsible businesses.