Attracting Groups to your Property

Group bookings are wonderful – blocks of rooms paid in advance – what’s not to love? But groups of travelers today – whether for business, leisure or special events – are sophisticated, informed and have lots of options when it comes to hotels. If you’re not going above and beyond when it comes to amenities and perks, you may be overlooked. What exactly are groups looking for, and how can you stay at the top of their lists?


Hotel apps make everyone’s lives easier. Guests can make and change reservations, book dinner and a tennis court, see their accumulated points and have access to information about the hotel. Make sure your app has been updated for ease of use and current information.

Go the extra mile and create QR codes for groups that have specific information about their breakout rooms, schedules, meals and other scheduled activities, as well as access to booking amenities, tours, transportation and food. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to stay memorable.


When groups arrive at your property, they’re delighted by opportunities to earn points, coupons, complimentary admissions and other incentives that enhance their stay. Surprising them and delighting them through perks is an easy way to build loyalty, and can steer them toward underused amenities they may otherwise overlook.


Strong internet is a must-have, not only for guests but also to help smart speakers, locks, electronic menus and thermostats operate at their optimum level. Guests, whether traveling for business or pleasure, always need strong, consistent internet, available everywhere on your property. Investing in 5G is becoming the norm on better properties.


Without a doubt, water is a big draw. It seems that everyone is searching for properties that feature pools – indoor, outdoor, heated, cold, private, public – a water feature is usually on the list, even at the beach. In terms of luxury resorts and hotels, there is a huge interest in rooms with small private pools and jacuzzis – everyone wants to turn their hotel room into an extraordinary spa experience.


The most effective way to make a guest feel special is to give them access to your property’s most exclusive spaces. Offering groups access to private clubs and floors as well as other amenities adds a distinct level of luxury and exclusivity to their experience that they’ll surely remember and thank you for with repeated visits.


Whether it’s a 2am snack or some midnight laps in the pool, 24-hour access is becoming more the norm everywhere, as properties become more flexible with guests’ needs. Since everyone operates on a different clock, travelers like the option to blow off steam in the gym or relax in the jacuzzi whenever the mood strikes.


As remote workers, companies and families stretch their legs and move around the world, they’re keen to bring their pets along. Searches for pet friendly hotels are up over 900% from last year, and luxury properties have an even greater draw. Embracing pets provides access to another market you may be missing.


For upscale properties, guests obsess over high-end everything: surfaces, linens, colors, furniture, glassware, toiletries, food, amenities, and even experiences – they all get scanned by sophisticated eyes, so details are always important and noted. Staying on top of quality and creating thoughtful details makes all the difference.


Gifts that speak to your hotel’s brand and remind guests of their stay are a brilliant way to keep your property on their minds. Whether it’s a gift they find in their room or an item that you offer in your gift shop, a set of branded products is a strong marketing tool that makes a lasting impression, reminding them to come back soon. The trick is to create something as high-end as your property, something elegant, elevated, and functional that will be cherished in the home.

Ritz-Carlton San Francisco had us create a set of glass coasters featuring photos of their property, for guests to purchase in their gift shop.


Enhancing a group stay with unique local experiences like epic hikes, visits to wineries. spa retreats, water excursions, snorkeling, theater or other experiences your area offers can help close the deal by rounding out an itinerary and making life easy for your guests. Your unique local offerings are a big asset that makes an ordinary stay much more memorable.


In the end, guests mostly want to be taken care of. Providing a high level of service lets them know that they’re seen, heard and cared for in a way that other properties may overlook. It’s easy to win by providing exemplary service – it resonates through your guests to their friends and family, and before you know it, your reputation has increased and you’ve gained those sophisticated, informed guests.