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Bridget Tran

Bridget Tran
The Transformation Groupe is an agency
that specializes in Digital Transformation and
Revenue Optimization. We help ambitious hotels and
organizations solve business challenges and
capture opportunities that enable sustainable
growth and healthy efficiency. We focus
on Digital & Guest Strategies; Synergetic IT,
Digital & Omnichannel Marketing Planning &
Execution; New Guest Service Development; Spend
Optimization; Revenue Maximization &
Recovery; Data Analysis & Reporting; Systems
Implementation; Data Strategy & Integration;
Guest & Business Intelligence; Shared
Services; Martech & Tech Stack. We are built
on a culture of turning ideas into profitable
business realities.

For the complimentary full list of 2021
digital must-haves, and complimentary
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Insights by Bridget Tran

The Latest Digital Approaches to Hotel Revenue Recovery, Opportunity Maximization, and Business Optimization

East Coast Chapter

The future state of travel, with all of its unknowns, entails an unpaved path forward for the hospitality industry. This uncertainty also presents the opportunity for us to look holistically at our hotel business.

ILHA WEBINAR SERIES: QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Agile and Lean: Recognizing the Synergy Between Digital, Revenue Management, Sales, and Branding

No doubt, this global crisis has turned our industry upside down. However, we must embrace and transform the disruption into an opportunity. In times of uncertainty, business agility provides stability and allows us to navigate the unknown. To capture growth in this current climate, businesses need to be opportunistic, agile, collaborative and innovative.