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Carlos Flores

President & Chief Executive Officer
C-suite executive with a 25-year track record of successfully building and leading high-growth businesses. Has led multiple organizations through periods of significant change and noted achievements, supported by a unique combination of technical, organizational, and business acumen. Exceptional vision and leadership capabilities used to empower teams to overcome adversity, improve competitive advantage, and maximize return on investment. <br /> <br /> Most recently, served in a dual role as Chief Executive Officer of Sonesta International Hotels and Senior Vice President of The RMR Group. Achievements include transforming a small family-led hotel management company into the eighth largest in the U.S., with approximately 1,200 locations, 10,000 employees, and annual sales exceeding $1.3B. <br /> <br /> Digital & Business Transformation: Skilled in creating and executing transformation plans, for businesses of diverse size and industry, that materially improves their efficiency, effectiveness, and overall profitability. Core expertise in leveraging technology, governance, and process reengineering to capture efficiencies, amplify productivity, and secure financial objectives.<br /> <br /> Strategic Growth: Extensive experience driving growth by sourcing, negotiating, and executing mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. Successfully closed transactions have helped to solve critical time-to-market issues, patch capability gaps, and boost long-run competitive advantage by unlocking synergies and economies of scale. <br /> <br /> Leadership & Culture: Significant knowledge, skills, and abilities in preparing and leading organizations through significant periods of growth and reinvention. Has led and advised multiple public and private companies through the strategic, tactical, and human challenges of material change. Past success has centered on fostering high-performing cultures which value communications, collaboration, and alignment to maximize the performance of individuals and the collective organization.
Carlos Flores