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Ghassan Sader

Ghassan is an expert at evaluating all facets of a hotel. From the quality of the staff, daily operations, marketing plan, architecture and engineering to an asset’s standing in the marketplace and its overall food and beverage department, Ghassan is an industrious professional who pours himself into every project SHW takes on.<br /> <br /> Specializing in operations and how to efficiently manage a property on a day-to-day basis, Ghassan has been involved in projects of up to $500 million. Currently he is responsible for the daily operations of all SHW assets. Working closely with owners, Ghassan strategically sets management goals and oversees the implementation of new business plans down to the smallest detail. When necessary, Ghassan will even remain on location until an asset is stabilized and producing maximum cash flow. <br /> <br /> With an emphasis on financial analysis, business plans, profit and loss responsibilities, pricing strategies, sales and growth, Ghassan is a cost-efficient problem solver. Resourceful, motivated, persuasive and sensitive to the myriad needs of each SHW property, Ghassan effectively utilizes information, establishes priorities, coordinates projects and foresees problem situations. All while meeting and exceeding highly stringent objectives.
Ghassan Sader