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Heather Lobao
Helping hotels enhance their guest experience with mobile app technology @Vamoos.
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EVENT: Why contactless is a must for travel communications

You cannot communicate effectively with clients and guests in 2021 without using contactless tech. That was the main message from our event (click for replay) last week, when we teamed up with ATTA to discuss How to solve communication challenges using contactless tech. The vital takeaways were clear.

Your luxury guest has changed. Are you still on the same page?

How well do you know your guests? Are you still giving them exactly what they want? Or are you sticking with the same methods you’ve used for years?

There is comfort in sticking with the old ways, and why would they still not work? Well, because your guests’ priorities have changed drastically in the last year and what they want now will be different from just a few short months ago.

In order to deliver the luxury service you promise, you need to be on the same page.