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Jeri Salazar

Vice President, Marketing
• Seasoned, results-oriented executive with more than 20 years experience and expertise in the development and execution of integrated marketing and sales plans, business analytics, financial planning, communication planning, consumer insight, campaign development, sales development, and guest service<br /> <br /> • Deep background in working with multiple marketing, communication, and sales channels around the globe<br /> <br /> • Proven success in leading cross functional teams and managing complex projects within a large organization<br /> <br /> • Strong leadership skills and extensive experience in building and developing teams and high performers<br /> <br /> • Recognized by leaders and peers as a strategic thinker with strong business acumen, deep analytical skills, thorough work product, outstanding communication skills, and the ability to rally a team to get work done<br /> <br /> • Believer and (aspiring) role model for work-life balance, working-motherhood, and pursuing personal passions. Work in progress!
Jeri Salazar