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Kfir Levy

Kfir Levy
From an early age, Habitas co-founder, Kfir Levy was intrigued and inspired by a simple understanding of the principles of design: creating through a perfect balance of aesthetic and function. The plan- driven process that takes place from imagination to inception is the driving force behind his work.
In 2011, Kfir directed his drive away from the fashion industry and formed Nomad Luxe, a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of luxury outdoor products, focused on ambiance and style versus utility and function. Quickly realizing that people wanted experience over product, Nomad Luxe pivoted into event production. Kfir developed a passion for immersive experience design, realizing the human impact and reward was far greater than he could have dreamed. Inspired by what music and art festivals once represented for him, he joined forces with co-founders Oliver Ripley and Eduardo Castillo to set out on his path to create Habitas.