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Mansi Joshi

Founder, Digital Marketing Expert
Mansi Joshi
Mansi has a multifaceted, multichannel experience in digital marketing, a data-driven, analytical mindset with 10+ years of diverse experience, most recently in travel, news publisher, manufacturer, tech, and legal. She has almost worked for all vertical industries brands and companies.

She has spent most of her career developing strategy, in-depth audit, analysis, and a post-campaign analytics report. Also, closely collaborated with senior leadership across management, product, development team, and sale.

Her blog Travel Addict Hack is one of the top recommended adventure travel blogs on the web. It focuses on adventure activities, affordable luxury travel and inspire and empower specifically women who step outside of their comfort zone and explore the world in a new way. It's a trusted resource for adventure travel features, travel hacking, inspiration, and support to create your dream trip.

Travel Addict Hack's founder is on a mission to complete and document the most sought after 7 continents and attainable adventures on the planet.
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I love talking about travel and hospitality. A few years ago, I created an online travel venture, traveladdicthack.com, where I’ve created hundreds of blog posts, thousands of short-form social-first posts, released almost 30 podcast episodes, and recently launched a new service of live one-on-one sessions for tourism, travel, and hospitality professionals.