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Neil Andrew

Head of Hospitality, London
Neil Andrew
Growing up, Neil was hugely influenced by his family’s work in music, art, and design, having a mother and sister who were both music teachers and a father who was a structural engineer. Neil has absorbed all of these influences into his own life, with three of his main passions in life being creative outlets: design, music, and cooking.
Over the course of his education and career as a designer, his collected experiences from a range of cultures and countries have continued to mould his work and design philosophy. For Neil, design is a medium for communicating a story, something that triggers emotions and memories in those that experience it.
Specialising in hospitality design, Neil has been able to bring together his passions and his design ethos. Because, to him the ultimate hospitality experience is enjoying a meal – eating fantastic food, against the back drop of a beautifully designed space, accompanied by excellent music.