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Robert Reitknecht

Guest Service Executive, Luxury Hotel Segment
Robert Reitknecht
Guest Experience Manager specialized in Luxury Hotels and Resorts. With over 30 years of primarily hotel industry experience, I build teams that align with high-end customer service cultures. As Assistant Rooms Operations Manager, with Front and Back-Of-House leadership experience, my focus is on improvement of guest satisfaction scores resulting from authentic and memorable guest experiences.

I have guided small, one-location teams as well as large, multi-site teams, driving cross-functional collaboration to improve customer satisfaction, maximize business performance, and optimize financial performance.

I have succeeded in cultivating the trust of my staff - as well as my superiors - through open communication in developing and executing sales and marketing plans, annual budgets, performance improvement initiatives, technology utilization plans, and a variety of business development projects.

By bringing entrepreneurial enthusiasm and future focus to each challenge and opportunity, I have established a strong record of turning around marginal operations and creating consistent success.
Insights by Robert Reitknecht

The Next Challenge for Hotels: 5-Star, Contactless Dining

The latest 5-star restaurant concept in today’s pandemic-persistent climate is in-room dining. As hotels seek to create contactless experiences while upholding service standards, bringing the restaurant to the room is now the focus. How will hotels achieve this seemingly impossible combination of touchless service with 5-star in-room dining? By thinking differently about what room service used to be.