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Robert Reitknecht

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Robert Reitknecht
Robert is committed to helping independent luxury hotels and individual property owners achieve world-class guest experience, culture, and authentic service excellence. As Founder and CEO of HospitalityRenu, he leverages decades of operational, technical, and customer service experience to help clients improve satisfaction and retention, enhance team building, improve ROI, and innovate through disruptive change. He has guided small, one-location teams as well as large, multi-site teams, assisting with everything from service touchpoints to quality standards to guest survey programs. By bringing his entrepreneurial enthusiasm and future focus to each challenge and opportunity, Robert has established a strong record of turning around marginal operations and creating consistent success.
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The State of COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Luxury Hotel Market

Over the past two years, we’ve all used the word “unprecedented” so much that it has perhaps started to lose its potency. But how else are we supposed to describe the seismic shifts we experienced nearly overnight? How else to name the shutdowns, the sicknesses, the loss, and uncertainty? Not a corner of the world went unaffected, and the hospitality industry was no exception. 

The Next Challenge for Hotels: 5-Star, Contactless Dining

The latest 5-star restaurant concept in today’s pandemic-persistent climate is in-room dining. As hotels seek to create contactless experiences while upholding service standards, bringing the restaurant to the room is now the focus. How will hotels achieve this seemingly impossible combination of touchless service with 5-star in-room dining? By thinking differently about what room service used to be.