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Roger Sholanki

Founder & CEO
Roger Sholanki
I’m a tech entrepreneur passionate about building disruptive companies and products that help advance the global health and wellness industry.

At Book4Time, we empower our team to continuously challenge the status quo in everything we do from landing big wins, product design to delighting customers.

We’re growing and looking for amazing people. If you love what you do and want to make a difference, reach out to us. We're hiring!

My life lessons…

1. Time is the only thing that once lost you can't get it back.
2. Don’t follow the crowd, be comfortable in your own shoes
3. You can’t change the past, keep your eyes and mind on the road ahead
4. Stay focused or else you’ll get lost in the woods with 98% of the population
5. Never stop feeding the mind, ask yourself what you learned each day