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Samantha Hardcastle

Founder & Creative Director
Samantha Hardcastle
Samantha Hardcastle, founder of The Storied Experience, brings a decade of marketing strategy & creative storytelling to hospitality properties and destinations worldwide. Her passion-driven mission is to transform the way we travel and infuse each moment with more meaning, purpose, and magic.
Insights by Samantha Hardcastle

Why Slow Tourism is Appealing to Travelers in 2022

The Slowbound Society launches with the goal of helping hospitality hosts align their experience with the slow travel movement. This intimate mastermind-style society centers around creating immersive, purpose-driven moments for the curious traveler that values wellbeing, culture, creativity, and discovery.

9 Alternative Approaches to Wellbeing in Hospitality

The concept of wellbeing is evolving as more and more guests are in need of experiences that support them on an emotional level. As we move beyond the traditional idea of wellness, new opportunities open up for hospitality properties looking to deepen their purpose and sharpen their competitive edge.

So Are Your Guest Feeling Nostalgic?

You might have heard “when things return to normal…” thrown around a lot the last year. And while there are varying opinions on whether returning to “the way things were” is a good or bad thing, that’s not the point.

Becoming Wise on Wellbeing in Hospitality

Travel has always been a “cure for what ails you”, a short-lived respite from the worries back home. But it has the potential to be so much more. And people around the world are waking up to this idea, looking for an experience that is more than just R&R and entertainment.