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Sarah Davie

Sarah Davie
Sarah Davie has been in executive leadership positions in the foodservice group purchasing sector for over 11 years. Most recently she held the position of Chief Administrative Officer at Buyers Edge Platform, a digital procurement platform for foodservice and also the parent company to Source1. While in this role, she participated in over 10 acquisition transactions and was responsible for corporate operations, human resources and manufacturer relations. In November 2020, Ms. Davie joined Source1 as the company President. With a passion for hospitality, Ms. Davie has placed an active focus on how Source1 can help hotel, lodging and gaming clients recover from a monumentally difficult year. Ms. Davie is pivoting to focus on efficient procurement solutions like using data and analytics tools to do more with less and enhancing Source1’s award-winning client services to serve up savings opportunities. Ms. Davie has an MPA from New York University and in her spare time has spent over 20 years managing a non-profit organization that builds infrastructure; like schools, clinics and homes, for orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.