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Shawn Tarter
Shawn Tarter, CEO & Founder, RealTime Reservation, an organization that provides real-time inventory management reservation software to the hospitality/travel industry located in Uniondale, Long Island. Following his personal experience as a hotel guest, Shawn was eager to provide hotels with ways to improve the customer experience while delivering services that support client satisfaction and loyalty. In 2015, Shawn founded Ipalapa Corporation, which was rebranded in 2019 to RealTime Reservation. The company has experienced significant sales and revenue growth in the three short years since its rebrand, despite operating during a global pandemic. Today, the company employs forty professionals across development, R&D, client services, administration, sales, and marketing and boasts more than 450 clients.
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Hotel Technology: The Importance and Benefits of Secure Integrations 

Did you know that hotels that rely on third-party distribution companies to hold their funds run the risk of being impacted by the financial instability of those companies? Properties that collect funds from third-party vendors that manage their ancillary revenue, brand activations, and collect payments, may face various risks regarding the funding and viability of these vendors.