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Stephen Dodge

Stephen Dodge
Stephen has a unique blend of experience in sales, customer experience, and technology,. I founded Regulr to create better human experiences between "in-store" at leading hospitality and retail brands within communities.

I worked as a sales associate and customer experience expert at Nordstrom for 6 years as I put myself through college where I earned my B.S. in Information Systems from VCU School of Business. I then became a Systems Engineer for 6 years, holding a lead role in managing, optimizing, servicing and deploying the SAN environment nationally for one of the largest financial institutions in the world; earning over 10 specialist and professional level certifications focused on networking, virtualization, storage technologies, and security.

I want to see communities thrive and provide more inclusive, human-first, hyper-personalized experiences as we move further into this digital world. I don't want to see self check out kiosks, creepy tracking apps, or cameras watching our every move become the norm and what is accepted as innovation. We don't want technology to replace the human connection but rather enhance it and I strongly believe my personal insight from my time delivering the "Nordstrom experience" with all the customers serviced over the years and my unique expertise with technology has enabled me and my team to build Regulr into a platform that can create a better future for us as humans.