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Tomas Feier

General Manager - Deluxe & Premium Hotels
Tomas Feier
Confirmed experience in multicultural sites in deluxe Hotel Management. Recognized skills in developing people, organizational know how, Yield & profitability, curious for developing new revenue opportunities, crisis management, guest communication, quality driven. German, Spanish, English, French spoken and written fluently.
Member of AICR, EHMA, AEHL and the French General Managers’ deluxe Hotels association.

Within Disney’s General Manager’s scope are all French legal obligations; monthly mandatory union meetings, health and safety, furthermore there are the internal meetings such as, P&L reviews (control of costs and expenditures), Quality reviews, Quarterly P&L as well as the built up of the yearly budgets and capital expenditures (5 year plan).

Disneyland Hotel (since March 2010)

* Successfully classifying the hotel as 5 Star property in Jan. 2011
* 500 rooms, 1 fine dining (150 seats) and one International Buffet restaurant (275 seats), Café Bar, Leisure and Spa facilities, Convention Suites, Executive Floor with 18 suites, Flagship Hotel
* Team of 25 Managers, 92% occupancy, average daily rate in line with Paris deluxe hotels.
Sales Trips to the Middle East, ATM Dubai.
* Relaunching the fine dining restaurant from daily 90 covers to 200 covers whilst increasing average check of € 10.- to € 55.-
* First time participation to the “David Campbell best Receptionist of the World” award. Disneyland Hotel Cast member obtaining the 5th position out of 37 candidates in 2010
* Coordinator of 7 Hotel Boutiques and liaison officer with the LOB March 2010 – Nov 2013
* Coordinator Lodging Segment for 7 Hotels, including recreation department, since Nov 2013
Disney’s Newport Bay Club & Convention Centre (since April 08)

* 1093 rooms, 13 suites, two restaurants (450 and 225 seats) and bars, Executive Floor and Convention Center, extensive leisure facilities.
* Team of 25 Managers, 88% occupancy, all quality indicators on the rise.
* Finalising à project for building à 900 seat restaurant with all pertinent departments
* New concept for the fine dining restaurant, change of theme and dining concept allowing 20% of benefits, rather than 10% of losses.
* Creating additional revenue (€ 150.000) by implementing an Executive floor up sell program
* Receiving the European Sanitary Accreditation for the Convention Centre main kitchen, allowing us to produce for all Disney sites (Special events)

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne (since May 07)

* 1000 rooms, one 700 seats restaurant, 2 bars 95% average occupancy
* Rebuilding integrally the kitchen and buffet areas; increase of diner covers from 650 to 1300 whilst improving considerably the teams’ working conditions.
* Redesigning the guest circulation by improving flux in lobby and point of sales areas.

Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch (since June 05)

* 600 bungalows, 65% average occupancy, one Saloon, Restaurant with 165 seats
* Recalculation of the P&L, readdressing the holiday packages, Adjust staffing levels.
* Maximisation of job combination to allow a more viable operation
* Changing restaurant concept from free flow to buffeteria
* Training two employees to the resort wide “Shaker Challenge”, both of which won all the prices.

Disneyland Paris Operations Manager Since November 2001

* Disneyland Hotel (Nov 02)
* Disney’s Newport Bay Club & Convention Centre (Nov 01)