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Bahia Principe’s Record High Sea Turtle Hatchlings

30 October 2020
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For the past 20 years, the Ecological Foundation Bahia Principe Tulum, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts’ non-profit organization that focuses on protecting and conserving ecosystems in Riviera Maya, has successfully carried out the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles program. This year, numbers have reached record highs with the Foundation successfully protecting 2,110 nests as of September, and releasing 102,089 sea turtle hatchlings on the shores of Playa Aventuras in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, a place recognized nationally as the most important beach for nesting loggerhead turtles. The season began back in July, when the dedicated team of volunteers and collaborators began monitoring the nests and hatchlings to ensure the complete protection of these endangered species. There are still nests waiting to hatch, and the final count for the year will be determined in December when the season comes to an end.

Guests of Bahia Principe Resorts in the area, as well as the community and staff, are all invited to witness egg hatchings and turtle releases towards the end of the season. The Foundation organizes the timing of the events based on the best time to see these exciting occasions, which differ every season. This year the format will be adjusted to adhere to strict guidelines and assure everyone’s safety.

The Ecological Foundation Bahia Principe Tulum was formed in 1999 from the responsibility, awareness and concern Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts had to protect and conserve natural resources as well as the ecosystems that surround their resorts. In addition to the Conservation of Sea Turtle and Marine Resources, other programs of the Foundation include: Rescue and Control of Fauna, Conservation of Native Flora, and the Conservation and Maintenance of Natural Areas an Environmental Education.