Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Best Facebook Page

2017 HOTELS Magazine Social Hotel Award Winner

Fontainebleau Miami Beach sought to create a cohesive aesthetic on their Facebook page. And to do so, BCV recommended the use of innovative video content to achieve the goal.

BCV created a series of unique stop-motion videos, cinemographs and time-lapse videos , which were strategically integrated into the hotel’s Facebook content calendar.

During content creation and selection, we were cognizant of the theme of images that Fontainebleau’s audience was drawn to and began recreating these images though dynamic lifestyle professional photos. We also strategically incorporated short-form innovative video content to our content strategy, as we know video content platforms extremely well on Facebook’s platform.

One of the most successful videos in the campaign was a 14-second video of a hand holding a Fontainebleau water bottle. The simple creativity of this one piece of content generated an impressive 29,000 views.

* All of the videos shared on Fontainebleau’s Facebook page were watched a combined 1.5 million times
* Videos received over 300,000 engagements (an all-time high)
* Generated over $200,000 in revenue from room bookings that were directly attributed to the video posts