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Becoming Wise on Wellbeing in Hospitality

By Samantha Hardcastle, Founder & Creative Director for The Storied Experience
13 July 2021
3 min read
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The Storied Experience

Travel has always been a “cure for what ails you”, but if you haven’t noticed – people are changing. Values are shifting. It’s not enough to simply entertain guests today. Delivering a valuable experience requires understanding people and what really lights them up – what makes them feel good.

The percentage of people thriving has plummeted in light of the pandemic. Nearly everyone is re-evaluating practically every aspect of their lives. What if your experience was the catalyst that helps them flourish? To really understand this, we must look at wellbeing.

Wellbeing encourages us to examine the variety of ways that people achieve peace of mind, joy, confidence, greater sense of belonging & purpose, and more. And yet, we often see the hospitality address wellness & wellbeing by adding smoothies to their menu or offering morning yoga classes. Wellbeing isn’t just for the health-conscious traveler, wellbeing is a top concern for everyone.

In a recent Skift survey, 75% of travelers reported a growing interest in wellness-related experiences, with the highest overall interest being mental wellbeing and gaining a new perspective of the world. So how do these things translate into the modern day hotel stay?

Every experience we have as humans takes us one step closer (or one step further) from wellbeing and a life of meaning. The best journeys take someone from point A: where they are to point B: where they desire to be. When you create a storied experience for your guests and take them on a journey that leads to greater fulfillment, you’re creating a valuable, purpose-driven property that can stand the test of time.

Our mission at The Storied Experience is to help hospitality brands create immersive experience narratives that ensure their guests feel good and flourish. Moments that bring people joy & deliver long-term value, enlighten and help shift people’s perspectives, and take people on transformative journeys. Our aim is to take experiences from merely memorable to truly meaningful.

With a behavioral understanding of what leads to wellbeing, we can design a guest journey that has a lasting impact in people’s lives. Are you ready to make YOUR story count? In this free 45-minute workshop you will learn the important differences between wellness and wellbeing, and how wellbeing brings more value to your visitors & guests. Discover different tools and strategies for enriching your experience in aligned and thoughtful ways! Click here to view Becoming Wise on Wellbeing.

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