Book venues online 24×7

Our Venue Management and Booking solution is a white labelled application for the events industry, enabling venues to maximize their revenue potential from meetings and events. Through BBR’s venue management and booking solution, venue managers can provide their customers the opportunity to book spaces for meetings and events at their convenience from any location, 24×7. Customers can instantly see availability of venues in real time, make bookings and payments and receive instant confirmation. All in three simple and easy steps and in less than two minutes. 

For venue owners, this solution is akin to having trained sales and catering personnel on call, 24×7. Not only does it ensure that every enquiry is attended to, with the auto-follow up function, it keeps in touch with potential customers ensuring optimal conversions and enhances revenues.

Sales teams have access to digital diary and can make venue-bookings during sales calls. Additionally, it has an extensive library of standard reporting formats to make informed decision. The application helps streamline the venue-booking process and helps in reducing costs, increasing revenues and enhances customer satisfaction.

The application is easy to use with intuitive UI and UX making it easy for customers to book online. It can be accessed on any mobile device with internet connectivity. The backend too, is very user-friendly with an easy to use interface.

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