Boost Guest Satisfaction & Profits through Valet Parking Podiums

Valet Vault

As a hotel manager of a luxury hotel first impressions with your guest are of utmost importance. Guests arrive at your hotel, collect their belongings and give their keys to the valet.

The guest experience starts right there – with staff who stand outside of your hotel’s front door. An essential service often overlooked to build trust with guests upon arrival at your hotel.

Do guests benefit from your valet service?
Guests that stay too long may cause traffic back-ups and get frustrated. This service needs to operate as quickly as possible while ensuring efficiency and being cognizant of your surroundings.

Do you create comfort with top-notch security?
The future of parking is through secure valet parking podiums. A fully-integrated solution that operators and owners can benefit from whilst injecting profits back into your business.

Valet Vault
Introducing Valet Vault, the most secure valet podium on the market!

Valet vault puts luxury and security back into Valet.

SAFER. By design and materials, Valet Vault is the most secure valet podium on the market. Our patented fabrication methods provide unparalleled security for keys and the vehicles they protect.

SMARTER. Valet Vault has now created an “additional employee”- Patented technology.

SELF-OPERATING. An industry first. With optional Access Control feature; Operators/Owners can manage multiple podiums/users from anywhere using their smartphone or tablet making Valet Vault the most secure solution on the planet.

STRONGER. Made in the USA and built with industrial grade reinforced aluminum UL rated for durability; Valet Vault doors are able to withstand over a 1,000 lbs. of pulling resistance and lasts 5 times longer than competitor models.

PROFITABLE. Valet Vault is a revenue generator. With our newest feature of Interchangeable Color Illuminated Signage makes our podiums a marketing/selling tool for clients all over the world. Why your hotel needs secure

The future of parking is SAFER, SMARTER, MORE SECURE & PROFITABLE.

Turn your valet into a lucrative opportunity for your hotel by onboarding the right supplier, equally committed to helping you boost profits while giving guests the comfort of safety and security. Place a custom order, get more info on our products, or discuss a collaboration: [email protected]