Bringing Customers Back in 2021 and Beyond

Market Mapping Plus marketing hotels

We have all suffered through the pandemic. The question is, what are your priorities and how can you regain the customers that you have lost due to travel restrictions? Market Mapping plus is a direct marketing firm based on Grand Rapids Michigan. The key is to build a prospect database that wants to visit your property.

What are your 2021 goals for marketing and promoting your property?

● Getting past customers to visit again?
● Finding new customers?
● Expand the knowledge of your products and services and you offer?
● Promote what changes have occurred during the Pandemic?
● Promote new services?

Market Mapping plus has over 60 years’ experience in the direct marketing industry and over 40 years in developing and conducting email campaigns. Some key issues to consider when starting your new marketing campaign.

● Is your email vendor focused on quality?
● Is your house list clean and up to date?
● How can you maximize your ROI for any given campaign?
● How can a Custom Brand Specific survey enhance your response rate?
● Are you looking for a vendor or a member of your team focused on your goals?

We at Market Mapping plus are focused on your success. Getting your customer back to your resort or property and we focus on list hygiene. Our lists are double opt-in, and each prospect list is cleaned on a per order basis. They are NOT sitting on a shelf being updated every few months. This means your campaign will be delivered to 95% of your prospects.

The ultimate question is: How can we help you regain customers and improve your occupancy rates? Let us join you as your partner in growing your business back to the successes you had in the past. What will it take to start restoring your business goals? Let Market Mapping plus work with you to update your database, identify new market niches and expand your reach to find new customers for your property.

We can help with investors, finding new customers, high end prospects as well as people who WANT to travel after the pandemic starts winding down. Set up an appointment to talk about your goals and needs by going to and schedule an appt or visit to read more about our Custom Brand Specific marketing program.