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Build Trust and Loyalty With Guests Through Proactive Communication

2 August 2022
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As the hotel industry continues to bounce back post-pandemic, communication remains one of the most important factors in increasing guest satisfaction. Whether it’s promoting on-site activities, limited-time offers or informing guests about operational changes, guests appreciate a property’s proactive outreach to ensure they have the most up-to-date information.

With supply chain issues, new variants, and ongoing world developments, what properties need to communicate one day might be very different from the next. Fortunately for management, digital signage takes all the tediousness out of communication efforts by offering an engaging and easily customizable avenue for connecting with guests.

Create New Touchpoints With Guests Through Digital Signage

The sheer volume of TV screens across properties – in the lobby, poolside bars, onsite dining, gyms, spas, and beyond – presents an optimal opportunity to energize space, and build trust with guests by leveraging digital signage

Yet, so often, these screens are reduced to playing limited, family-friendly content that is as outdated as it is uninteresting. They become a wasted resource as properties instead invest in expensive print materials for on-site marketing that are only accurate for a limited time.

Hotels can energize their space and build meaningful relationships with guests by leveraging digital signage. 

Digital signage uses static images or video to deliver key business information and promotional materials to engage guests where they’re already watching — on your property’s TVs. It’s a more engaging and captivating way to inform consumers and employees about the latest news from your property and adds value to any setting. Consider the benefits of digital signage:

80% of businesses see a growth in sales 

46% increase in customer satisfaction

32.8% growth in return customers

The Lobby: Keep customers informed with up-to-date information

As guests return to hotels, good communication remains paramount – though it’s made harder with an ever-changing world. With digital signage, properties have the flexibility to revise and publish updated information every day. Screens in the lobby can be used to communicate your amenity closures, updated hours, and safety protocol measures. By doing so, you can give guests the information they need to make informed decisions and have peace and mind – both of which are key to building trust and brand loyalty.

On-Site Dining: Promote limited-time offers in an engaging way

The last thing properties want to do is disappoint guests, but that’s what happens when outdated flyers promoting limited-time offers remain in circulation. Managers can avoid mishaps like this by using digital signage instead to create a more engaging and customizable experience all around. In between 60+ channels of Atmosphere’s enjoyable content, properties can promote their unique, limited-time offers while guests are already hungry and in a buying mindset.

Poolside Bar: Invite customers to participate in events

There’s nothing worse than putting on a special event for guests and having no one show. Grab guests’ attention while they’re relaxing and in a good mood using digital signage that provides all the event details guests will need, including photos or even customer testimonials from past events to encourage guests to join in on the fun.

The Gym: Showcase relaxing and thrilling activities, on and off-site

While guests already have their adrenaline pumping, use digital signage to offer the concierge’s service and showcase all the different ways guests can spend the rest of their days: a visit to the spa to restore their muscles, an exhilarating zip-line adventure through the forest, a trip into town to absorb the local culture, and more. It’s a great way to show what your property has to offer, while encouraging meaningful connections between employees and guests.

Employee Locker Rooms: Boost morale with appreciative content

While guests demand the majority of manager’s attention, don’t lose sight of your employees. Studies show that respect and appreciation go a long way in fostering a culture that employees enjoy, and in turn, leads to greater overall engagement and satisfaction. Use your screens and digital signage to display photos of the team, highlight employees’ accomplishments, and post appreciative quotes from customers. 

Elevate Your Space By Engaging Guests Differently

Digital signage is the key to not just informing guests, but engaging them. By engaging guests, properties can create a more meaningful experience, build trust, and in turn, drive sales. With Atmosphere as a partner, 60+ channels of compelling content designed to satisfy all interests and personalized digital signage will elevate your space and create an experience that will have guests planning their next vacation in no time.

About Atmosphere: 

Atmosphere is the world’s largest streaming TV service designed exclusively for businesses. We’re revolutionizing TV entertainment by empowering businesses with fully curated, short-form video content that doesn’t require audio to enjoy. In between video content, engage customers directly with custom digital signage or hyper-local advertisements. Atmosphere currently operates in 23,000+ businesses, offering over fifty channels of original and partner content refreshed regularly. To learn more about what Atmosphere can do for your business, visit www.atmosphere.tv

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