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SPOTLIGHT ON Jan Shaw, Area Director of Revenue Management, Thompson and tommie Austin

With eight years of experience in the market, Jan shares her insights on setting room rates and determining pricing strategies for the Thompson Hotel. She also discusses recent changes in revenue management strategies in response to market conditions and how her team works with other departments within the hotel to align revenue management strategies with broader business goals.

SPOTLIGHT ON Sonja Chase, Hotel Manager, Thompson and Tommie Austin

Sonja Chase talks about what sets their hotel apart in terms of customer experience and amenities. She also shares the hotel’s approach to handling guest complaints, sustainability initiatives, employee training, and plans for future expansion and improvement. With a focus on providing a unique and high-quality experience to guests, the Thompson and tommie Austin aim to become a proud asset to the community in Austin.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Ricardo Farinha, Chief Commercial Officer for Savoy Signature

Ricardo Farinha, the Chief Commercial Officer of Savoy Signature, offers valuable insights into the brand’s past and future plans. Beginning as a small family business, Savoy Signature has evolved into a collection of six hotels, each offering distinctive and personalized experiences. With a background in project finance and public-private partnerships, Farinha brings a global perspective to his work in project management and financing at Savoy Signature.

Chelsey Leffet Promoted to Managing Director at HVS and Leads Northeast Region

Chelsey Leffet, a board member of the ILHA East Coast Chapter, has been recently promoted to Managing Director at HVS. She now leads the Washington, D.C. Consulting & Valuation office and is also the Director of the HVS Northeast region. Chelsey has consulted on hotels of all asset classes and development stages throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including several hostel lodging assets.

SPOTLIGHT ON Shannon Knapp, President and CEO, Leading Hotels of the World

Shannon Knapp shares her inspiration for a career in hospitality as well as her approach to ensuring each of the 400+ properties in the Leading Hotels of the World portfolio maintain their high standards of quality and service the company is known for. She also discusses how LHW balances individuality and character with the need for consistency, emerging trends in the luxury travel industry and the steps member hotels are taking to reduce their environmental impact.

SPOTLIGHT ON Ken Shannon, VP of Architecture, Design, & Construction at Playa Hotels & Resorts

With over 30 years of experience in international leisure and hospitality, Mr. Shannon has been responsible for leading Playa’s team of architects and interior designers in conceiving new build and renovation projects across various markets. In this interview, we will delve into Mr. Shannon’s vision for the unique design elements that make Playa Hotels & Resorts stand out as an industry leader, including their commitment to sustainability and challenging norms

Marriott Bonvoy Inspires Travelers to Discover the Unexpected as They Roam Around the World

As travelers set out into the world, Marriott Bonvoy – Marriott International’s extraordinary portfolio of 30 hotel brands, award-winning travel program, and endless experiences – is igniting a penchant for embracing the unexpected with experiences that aim to surprise, delight, and prompt travelers to “Roam Around the World.”