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Wellness Tourism Tops $436B. Are You Optimizing Profitability?

Nearly 10 percent of the $4.4 trillion wellness economy is derived from the wellness tourism industry. Is your luxury property getting its share of that revenue?

As part of the recent “INSPIRE 22” event hosted by the International Luxury Hoteliers Association (ILHA), Avendra sponsored a panel discussion to address the topic: “Reinventing Wellness Space to Drive Revenue.” Here’s what our panel of experts had to say.

Keeping What’s Closest Cleanest: Establishing the Premier Cleanliness Standard in Hospitality

Applied Silver’s SilvaClean technology uses natural antimicrobial silver to provide continuous protection on soft surfaces and sets the new standard of cleanliness in hospitality. Learn about the infection risks associated with soft surfaces and the importance of having a holistic cleanliness and hygiene program in this webinar hosted by the Hotel Council of San Francisco.

The Reopening and Recovery of Hotels

Reopening costs are not as high as pre-opening costs, especially if you are able to bring the same staff back after furlough, though both Romy and Prem agreed that additional training would be needed to deal with COVID-19 related procedures as well as PPP inventory. They would also have to look at contactless check in and keyless entry across all hotels.