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WORLD CINEMA (WCI) Unveils Impruvix — A Turn-Key, Custom-designed Wireless Connectivity Solution For Communities And Destination Properties Nationwide

WCI’s ImpruviX Offers a Single-Source, Customizable and Secure Enterprise-Grade Connectivity Solution to Property Owners, Residents and Guests Quickly and Efficiently.

Dhiraagu Partners with SmartBeings and Leia to Introduce WooHoo® Contactless Voice Assistant for Luxury Hotels

With WooHoo® technologies integrated with Dhiraagu smart hospitality solutions, hotel guests can now order food & beverages, toiletries, play music, get instant answers to their queries, call reception and control room temperature, lighting, or curtains, among other many interactions through a simple voice command.

The Worst of the Crisis is Over Say Over Say Over Half of Hoteliers According to the New Forbes Travel Guide Survey

84% of hotels are now fully or partially open to the public compared to 56% in the inaugural July report. Of the remaining that are closed, 63% plan on opening in the fourth quarter. 38% of respondents report delaying their re-openings, with most citing: not enough demand yet to be worth it (54%) and government travel restrictions (49%).

ILHA Webinar Series explores trends coming out of COVID crisis

The International Luxury Hotel Association’s NorthEast Chapter webinar series takes a long view on how the luxury hospitality industry can rise out of the depths of the pandemic with strategies to reimagine operations, post-COVID protocols and recovery trends that offer insight into the future.