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Singita and Thebe Magugu: Fusion of High Design and Heritage in New Creative Collaboration

In a captivating partnership, Singita and the globally acclaimed designer Thebe Magugu embark on a collaborative journey, unveiling a collection of nine exceptional high-design pieces that pay homage to Africa’s vibrant heritage. These creations beautifully merge modern aesthetics with traditional narratives, embodying the essence of Mother and Child illustrations by the talented artist Phathu Nembilwi.

Extend and elevate your hotel’s brand.

Keeping your brand on the minds of your guests is at the heart of your mission, but it can be challenging to find new ways to engage them. Luxury guests can be hard to please, and it’s even harder to gain their repeated loyalty. You’re constantly scanning your property to see ways to improve and engage, always trying to keep up with guest expectations, retain loyalty and keep your competitive edge.

7 Robotic Solution Trends in Hospitality Industry You May Have Missed!

Hospitality is another industry that has been positively affected by recent technological breakthroughs in the field of robotics. Challenges faced by the hospitality industry, such as labor shortages and increased demands for cleanliness, are being addressed with robotic solutions such as autonomous delivery and cleaning. As technological progress in the robotic industry is accelerating these days, hotel and restaurant business owners should expect new developments in autonomous services coming every year.

Creating Truly Authentic Hospitality Moments Essential to Elevating a Luxury Property’s Brand

What makes a luxury property different from other hotels? While some might say it’s the grandeur of the property – the building, the artwork, the furniture – others may say it’s the amenities – the heated bathroom floors, lush towels and floor-length Turkish cotton robes, incredible gourmet food selections, and an undeniable service level from staff members.

Skybubbles, a new way of perceiving space immersed in nature

Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, new ways of how people would like to spend their leisure time or vacation with family and friends are opening up. Guests are seeking innovative, sustainable experiences that bring them closer to nature and prioritizes well-being.  SkyBubbles is a new way of conceptualizing space in tune with the environment. Over the past 7 years the brand has become recognized as one of the market’s most innovative, full-service Bubble Room manufacturer.

Finding Balance: Automation AND Personal Connection

As the hospitality industry becomes increasingly automated due to economic, consumer or technological pressures, hoteliers are looking for new ways to maintain personal connections with guests. Insert Jupiter & Company, a custom product and engraving company with a mission-to create moments of connection to foster feelings of joy and appreciation.

Organic Cotton Barrier Protector

Since 1976, TFS Natural Home by the futon shop has maintained its leadership role in the aspect of design and manufacturing for organic spaces.

Waterproof Cotton Pillow Protector

Our Waterproof Cotton Pillow Protector come from untreated non GMO seeds grown from healthy soil made sustainable through crop rotation and the use of beneficial insect and trap crops.

Desire to wear…uniforms

Global supply chain expertise combined with 50 years of customer experience. Apparel that is sustainable and responsible across the entire lifecycle.