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Enhance guest experience with MyRoom

Lutron myRoom is a family of guestroom systems for light, temperature and shade control. Each system can be tailored to specific performance and budget requirements. myRoom is available in two tiers—myRoom prime and myRoom plus—for a solution for every property. All myRoom systems offer beautiful, energy-efficient, affordable control options that will help differentiate your property and delight your guests.

Keeping What’s Closest Cleanest: Establishing the Premier Cleanliness Standard in Hospitality

Applied Silver’s SilvaClean technology uses natural antimicrobial silver to provide continuous protection on soft surfaces and sets the new standard of cleanliness in hospitality. Learn about the infection risks associated with soft surfaces and the importance of having a holistic cleanliness and hygiene program in this webinar hosted by the Hotel Council of San Francisco.

International Hotel Pool Safety Mark™

How To Run Your Pool Efficiently Whilst Attracting Customers… The International Hotel Pool Safety Mark™ sets a global minimum standard for the hotel industry in pool operations, staff training and pool plant that should be met in order to keep guests safe when in and around the pool.