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The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Luxury Hospitality: A Real Estate Revolution

According to JLL’s report titled “Artificial Intelligence: Real Estate Revolution or Evolution?,” the rapid expansion of the AI ecosystem and its supporting infrastructure will drive real estate demand in different markets worldwide. As the luxury hospitality industry embraces AI, it is essential to harness its potential strategically and ethically to deliver value and enhance guest experiences.

CBRE: A Global Status Update on Sustainability and ESG Adoption in the Hotel Industry

In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in the global interest among hotel guests, investors, owners, employees, and brands towards promoting responsible environmental practices, sustainable tourism, social welfare, corporate governance, and transparency. This growing awareness and concern have significantly raised customer and employee expectations within the hotel industry.

CBRE 2023 Global Hotels Outlook

CBRE has just released a report on the outlook for the global hotel industry, as we move forward into 2023. They believe the hotel space is poised for a strong recovery, with the widespread normalization of travel patterns anticipated to return market fundamentals to pre-pandemic levels.

Luxury Resort Advisory Committee Report

The Resort Committee think tank is a deliberating body of luxury hospitality professionals that composes research relevant to luxury resorts, including legislation and regulation, ESG, consumer behavior and growth of the industry

ILHA Design Advisory Committee Report

The Design Committee is a think tank that researches trends and innovation in design to promote growth in the luxury hotel industry, environmentally responsible practices, and better understand consumer behavior.

UltraTech International

UltraTech International

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