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(Contactless) Keys To Reactivate The Hospitality Industry

It has been proven that the massive contagion that people have suffered at the beginning of this year, has to do with the relaxation of the social distance due to the festivities, a reduced use of masks, the aggressiveness of a mutating virus, cold weather and its complications, the generalized decrease of the human immune system in winter, and finally, the weak or ineffectual actions of governments to control the pandemic.

Wellness During and Post COVID19

Four finalists of the Global Personality/Influencing Industry category from the Hall of Wellness Awards 2020 collaborated on an industry report reflecting a diverse range of geographical and industry focus.

Lucy Brialey, The Sustainable Spa Association (UK)
Marisa Dimitriadis, The Spa Consultants and Spa Professionals Guild (South Africa)
Andrew Jacka, Spa Origins (Thailand)
László Puczkó, Health Tourism Worldwide (Hungary)

View their report here