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Luxury Resort Advisory Committee Report

The Resort Committee think tank is a deliberating body of luxury hospitality professionals that composes research relevant to luxury resorts, including legislation and regulation, ESG, consumer behavior and growth of the industry

ILHA Design Advisory Committee Report

The Design Committee is a think tank that researches trends and innovation in design to promote growth in the luxury hotel industry, environmentally responsible practices, and better understand consumer behavior.

UltraTech International

UltraTech International

UltraTech International markets a unique, proprietary, patented odor eating product, Aveho, that every hotel and cruise ship should consider.
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ILHA INSPIRE Conference Report Back

The high-powered conference included immersive and engaging elements to help elevate its programming even further. Encore served as the strategic production partner, enhancing the event’s impact with a high level of execution. The team transformed the stage with a striking LED wall that reinforced the speakers’ messaging and enabled greater audience engagement during each panel via its Chime Live app, which connected in-person and virtual participants with opportunities to network, watch sessions, and learn more about the featured speakers and products.

JLL Global Hotel Investment Outlook 2023

Despite macroeconomic headwinds, geopolitical tensions, and ongoing supply chain disruptions, the global lodging industry remained resilient in 2022 with fundamental performance accelerating towards a full recovery. China’s long-awaited reopening following three years of strict lockdowns will undoubtedly fuel even further growth, with global investors likely to re-enter the mix.