Changing the Way We Think About Design Entertainment: Rika Lisslö on “Hotels ByDesign”

Rika Lisslö, a board member of the ILHA East Coast Chapter, has joined the presenting and judging panel for the first season of Hotels By Design. This television series is focused on the world of “design entertainment,” delving into the realms of industrial design, architecture, interior design, landscapes, and gardens. Rika Lisslö is a key figure in the show, sharing her expertise as both a presenter and judge.

Currently, ByDesign is broadcast on CBS in the United States and Channel Ten in Australia. The show can also be accessed via streaming platforms, including CBSN, multiple in-flight channels, and their YouTube channel. Viewers can tune in to discover the stories behind great innovations and transformative designs, as well as meet the people who are changing the way we live our lives.

Throughout the series, designers share their challenges, problem-solving strategies, and the remarkable benefits that their innovative design projects provide for individuals, industries, communities, and society as a whole. By Design is produced by MWC Productions, a television production company with offices in Melbourne, Australia and New York, United States, that was founded in 2006.