(Contactless) Keys To Reactivate The Hospitality Industry

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It has been proven that the massive contagion that people have suffered at the beginning of this year, has to do with the relaxation of the social distance due to the festivities, a reduced use of masks, the aggressiveness of a mutating virus, cold weather and its complications, the generalized decrease of the human immune system in winter, and finally, the weak or ineffectual actions of governments to control the pandemic.

Today we are confident in vaccination campaigns the worldover. However, we still cannot afford to stand idly by. We mustbe part of the solution.

We need to look no further than the hospitality industry, a mainstay in the new global economy, for opportunities to take action. And why not – hotels and restaurants are expected to be a reflection of our best selves – centers of  innovation in social interaction, implementing the cutting-edge technologies that lead us toward a brighter future.

Health CheckPoint
Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for the future. Hotels and restaurants have a lot they can do in the present. Let’s take a look at what controls the flow of Businesses.

First, the defense of public places cannot be entrusted to an infrared thermometer – hand-held guns pressed against our foreheads, necks, and hands. The low accuracy of the readings and the proximity to the security guard holding the reader only contribute to generating a false sense of security and serve as a probable serial contagion.

To combat this, Multimedia Care has developed Health Checkpoint, designed specifically to generate security and confidence while reducing risk – all through a contactless station, which is ideal for multiple points of access in many hotels and restaurants. Health Checkpoint leverages an intelligent, thermographic camera that can read body temperature at a distance of 3-5 feet, with incredible accuracy, and as quickly as one person per second, thus drastically reducing the possibility of contagion by contact. Think of large beach resorts and how they could benefit from having this device onsite.

It is even possible to use the Health Checkpoint as a fantastic means of advertising through signage and graphics. There is also the ability to engage wirelessly with the use of QR codes, allowing your guests to go mobile with the information you want them to have, including way-finding tips, dining and entertainment recommendations, loyalty program details and more. Simply put, Multimedia Care’s Health Checkpoint becomes a hub for digital signage and customized advertising with endless possibilities of branding and sponsorship.

And what better way to deliver a message than through a utility that itself sends a powerful message. COVID-19 has fast-tracked the infusion of technology in restaurant and hotel operations. The new normal is still quite uncertain – itchanges day-in and day-out, but something that will never change is the need for people to feel comfortable, confident, safe, and secure. People expect technology to be part of this equation.

Health Checkpoint shifts the burden of having to address public safety protocols away from your customer service personnel while demonstrating your commitment to the wellbeing of your guests and team. By implementing contactless, hands-free solutions that scan for overall wellness and allow guests to interact safely, businesses can begin to leverage this equation to their advantage.

As the vaccines continue to make strides across the world, contactless technologies can help companies navigate the vaccination period in the meantime. In the coming months, vaccinated and unvaccinated people will undoubtedly come into contact as daily life resumes. Such technologies can help ensure that anyone who enters any given facility has been equally health-screened, allowing guests to feel confident and enjoy their hospitality experiences both pre and postvaccination.

The reality is simple – people miss traveling. People miss enjoying a bite to eat with friends. People miss interacting with loved ones. But people remain on high-alert because they want to stay healthy. By spotlighting preventative measures, innovative tech tools, and contactless solutions in the long term, hospitality leaders inspire guests to feel assured that the industry is evolving in a positive and safe direction – all while keeping the health and safety of the public as the top priority.

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