Cozy Earth Luxurious Bedding

True luxury is more than just the occasional indulgences; when it comes to curating a luxurious escape for your guests, the focus should be on the environment—one that feels tasteful, refined, and comfortable. Better than anyone, Cozy Earth understands that luxury is in the little things. Elegant details help transform your hotel room into an indulgent and relaxing home away from home. 

Founded in 2010, Cozy Earth set out on a mission. To build the best product, know every supplier, craft products responsibly, and serve the customer always. In doing so, Cozy Earth has created a transformative standard. One in which that produces unparalleled sleep and leisure, making the softest, highest quality bedding, bath products, and loungewear on the market. 

Using innovative techniques, Cozy Earth is recognized as the world’s leading expert in bamboo viscose textiles, producing high-end products that are temperature-regulating, noticeably softer, more durable, and free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary dyes.

Designed with comfort and sustainability in mind, guests can experience the difference of Cozy Earth products at home and during their favorite luxury stay. From the moment they step out of the shower and wrap themselves in warm plush towels to the moment they slip into the perfectly made, crisp white bed sheets.

Most hoteliers understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and the impact of high-quality bed linens and recognize it as a key factor in the overall experience. Cozy Earth products are carefully crafted from the finest fibers harvested from around the world and are known for their premium bamboo, elevated silks, and luxurious linens.

Cozy Earth’s best-selling Bamboo Sheet Set provides a new level of beauty, comfort, and performance. Described as the “softest ever” by Oprah Winfrey, the set is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking to help keep guests several degrees cooler throughout the night. 

But of course, no bed is complete without Cozy Earth’s premium duvets, filled with either 100% Mulberry Silk or Bamboo Viscose. Featuring subtle anchor loops on all four corners, each duvet can be styled on its own or paired with one of their luxurious duvet covers. Effortless slumber continues with this up-and-coming brand’s vast collection of high-end pillows, pillowcases, blankets, and so much more. 

Further, luxury extends from bed to bath with Cozy Earth’s renowned collection of bath towels. Each towel is expertly crafted, adding exceptional style and elevated textures to your en-suite bathroom. These spa-like essentials are available in two styles, made from the finest blend of Cotton and Bamboo Viscose. 

Cozy Earth’s Premium Plush Bath Towels are an enduring classic, ultra-absorbant, and captivate the senses with unparalleled luxury and supreme elegance. For a more modern twist, the brand offers a Waffle Collection. Featuring a dual-sided texture, the ultra-absorbant outer waffle weave is balanced out by the inner softness of plush terry. 

For additional comfort accompanying the five-star experience, guests can lounge in one of Cozy Earth’s Waffle Terry Bath Robes, complimentary to their stay. Inspired by the feel of the brand’s Waffle Terry Towel, this spa-like robe features a modern twist with the plushness of Bamboo Viscose Terry and a chic waffle texture on the exterior of the robe.

For years Cozy Earth has provided the highest quality products and will continue to do so as they expand into all markets. From bedding and bath to luxury loungewear, Cozy Earth is creating an all-encompassing eco-friendly brand eager to take over the luxury hotel industry. Each visit will leave guests feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, counting down the days till their next stay. 

For more information on Cozy Earth, please contact Nick Crump, Partnerships Manager, at [email protected]