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Creating an effective marketing mix

By David Fant, President for Market Mapping plus Inc.
13 December 2020
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What’s in Your Marketing Mix?
My two-pronged approach for reaching prospects.

Have you heard the term “marketing mix”? It’s a blend of different tactics, such as direct mail, emails, social media advertising, TV and radio commercials, etc., used to reach prospects.

Why a mix? No single method of approaching prospects is guaranteed to reach them. You might implement an email campaign, but it won’t reach prospects who don’t have an email address or check it regularly.

You might implement a direct mail postcard campaign, but your message won’t reach prospects who consider direct mail “junk mail,” and don’t bother to look at your mailer.

Using a multi-faceted integrated marketing mix will reach more prospects than a single method.

What’s a relatively simple mix that will reach your prospects and create a lasting impression? It’s a two-ingredient approach:

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Email

Direct Mail
Since the 1800s, direct mail has been an effective and targeted way of reaching prospects. It’s non-intrusive and, thanks to list segmentation, can be targeted using hundreds of demographic variables.

What constitutes direct mail? Just about anything you can drop in a mailbox. It can be a short and straightforward postcard, a catalog that’s kept as a reference, or a booklet that provides in-depth information regarding your business, products, and services.

The upside of direct mail is its shelf life, which can be VERY long. I have clients who mailed a piece with a reply card and are receiving them back from prospects 18 months later!

On the other hand, the shelf life of direct mail can be very, very short. Deleting a direct mail piece is as simple as tossing it in the nearest recycle bin.

Email Campaigns
Targeted email campaigns are a great way to reach prospects, especially those glued to their smartphones. Email messages don’t have to be printed, dropped in a mailbox, then sent. You can create and send an email message within hours.

But the downside is, you can create and send a poor email message within hours. Email messages may appear to be simple, but creating content (text and images) that persuades the reader to click through to your offer, complete a form, or schedule an appointment takes skill. If it doesn’t have a snappy subject line, clear offer, or emphatic call to action, the reader will hit “delete” without hesitation.

Ingredients Make the Mix
This simple marketing mix has only two ingredients, direct mail and email, so it should be foolproof, right? Wrong. A cake recipe may only require flour and milk, but it’s sure to fail if the milk has gone bad and the flour is riddled with bugs.

What constitutes quality ingredients? Here are some tips.

  • Your direct mail message—especially the offer and call to action—should match your email message.
  • Your visual elements should look also look consistent yet appropriate for the medium. For example, you wouldn’t print “Click this button” on your direct mail piece, but you would include it in your email. Conversely, include a QR code on your print pieces, but not in your email messages.
  • Maintain consistency with text, visuals, colors, etc., everywhere else: Handouts, flyers, brochures, webpages, etc.
  • Have an offer that they just can’t refuse. The more powerful the offer, the greater the chance that they will take action, convert, and become customers.
  • Tell them what you want them to do: Include a call to action that, when executed, rewards the prospect with your offer.
  • (And did I mention that all elements should look and sound like each other?)

Tracking Success
Was your integrated campaign a success? Here are a few simple methods for tracking your campaign’s performance.

  • Assign unique tracking codes to each element of your direct mail campaign, so you know who is finding you from what source. You can include your tracking code on a reply card or ask prospects to include it on their order form.
  • Create custom QR codes or coupon codes for each element of an email campaign.
  • Create unique web landing pages to track performance.

And one last thing: Repetition of a message is key to a successful campaign. One of advertising’s golden rules is the “Rule of Seven:” Most prospects will need to see your message at least seven times before they consider your offer.

Do you need help crafting a marketing mix that will reach your prospect? Market Mapping plus can help. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today. Or drop me an email.
David Fant is the owner of Market Mapping plus, Inc. To get started with your targeted list solution, visit www.marketmappingplus.com, or drop him a line: [email protected].

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