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Digital Menus on Smartphones Poised to Eliminate a Major Barrier to Safe Restaurant Re-openings

By Chrissy Serfass, Director of Sales Marketing for Uptown Network
6 May 2020
4 min read
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Uptown Network cuts the cost of its “Bring Your Own Menu” service by more than 80% and makes it available immediately to all restaurants

NAPLES, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2020 / Uptown Network has released a new mobile app designed to help restaurants succeed as they re-open in a world yearning to reconnect over a meal out but redefined by new safety requirements. With the Bring Your Own Menu™ (BYOM) solution, available immediately at $99 per month, any restaurant can easily and inexpensively replace their reusable or disposable paper menus with fully digital, interactive menus that run on guests’ smartphones. A trial period is also available.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests simply point their iPhone or Android camera at a custom QR Code to access the BYOM menu. There’s no need to download an app. Hand-to-hand interaction between staff and guests is thus eliminated, significantly reducing the risk of virus transmission for guests and staff alike.
If viewing on mobile, click here to see the menu.

Restaurant operators and owners can easily deploy BYOM in less than an hour, without the need of an expert, and update their menus daily in just 15 minutes. With a click of a button, menu prices can be changed or new items added or deleted in seconds, without interrupting service. Menu updates-such as 86’ed items-are reflected in 30 seconds or less.
The menus can also run on sanitized iPad tablets provided at table, should the restaurant choose this method. Guests can use the tablet just like they would a paper menu (without the need for reading glasses or penlights) or choose to use it interactively.

“Through the ages, restaurants have played an irreplaceable role in our lives and our communities” said Jack Serfass, CEO and founder of Uptown Network and a former restaurant owner. “We salute restaurants for their heroics in keeping service available during the COVID-19 crisis, often at great personal cost. By fast-tracking BYOM to market and dramatically reducing its price, we aspire to help as many restaurants as possible as they re-open their doors to guests.”

The BYOM solution is based on existing iPad and iOS technology, the result of five-plus years of R&D and collaboration with hospitality industry leaders. By taking advantage of a common code base that powers its enterprise-level product, as well as cloud and messaging technologies, Uptown Network was able to quickly pivot to develop BYOM for use on any smartphone and by virtually any restaurant.

With an estimated 3 million restaurants in the world, it’s estimated that taking a BYOM approach to menus could eliminate 150 million paper menus per day to help our environment (based on an average of 50 menus/restaurant), while permanently eliminating wasteful reprinting for restaurants

Uptown Network’s pricing before the pandemic ranged from $499-$799 per month per restaurant. To help restaurants participate in the post-pandemic economic recovery, Uptown Network is reducing the price to $99 a month per restaurant, projected to be a net plus for cash flow as it is less than the normal cost of printing menus

“As we reopen the restaurant I’m excited to partner with Uptown to bring our guests a safer experience,” said George Miliotes, Master Sommelier and Proprietor of Wine Bar George in Orlando, Florida. “Using your own device to view the menu eliminates a touchpoint and is one of the many ways we are addressing safety for both our team members and guests.”
Restaurants can access the BYOM app by clicking here.

About Uptown Network
Uptown Network is an innovator (2009- ) in using iPads and iOS to help hospitality brands-such as Darden Restaurants, The Capital Grille, Waldorf Astoria, Seminole Hard Rock, Hershey Entertainment and Shula’s-operate more efficiently and deliver engaging guest experiences that help build brand loyalty and increase revenues. Its solutions include digital menus for smartphones and iPads, iPad wine lists and drink menus, virtual wine lockers, and product inventory software for hospitality businesses.

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