Do guests have something to remember your property by?

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Have your guests carry home a lasting physical memory of their time with you. It’s a missed opportunity when guests return from their journeys with only a few mini bottles of shampoo and an album of digital photos. Physical items utilize all of our senses to support the recall of fond memories. Branded merchandise solidifies your name in your customers’ evoked set and you become the standard for their top-of-mind brands.

Ensuring that your guests enjoy the branded merchandise you offer them is easier and more convenient than ever before with Pomp & Sass luxury woven towels. Not only does our company offer the luxury goods you need, we specialize in customization. Our products are ethically made and environmentally friendly, meeting today’s conscious consumer’s expectations.

Branding from your Guests Point of View
Staying top-of-mind is key for lifetime customers. At Pomp & Sass we can offer you one item that supports both of these important facets in your marketing strategy. This item is useful both on-site and in the homes of your loyal patrons.

Let’s consider your guest’s journey: they are greeted with a useful luxury gift, a towel that showcases your location’s unique narrative. It accompanies them on the beach or poolside as soon as they leave the lobby. They pose with it for photos, proudly showing off the logo. It becomes part of their vacation and folds small enough to fit into their luggage. At home, they continue to use it, always remembering the precious time spent with you.

Pomp & Sass

Why Do Travelers Like These Towels?
When you offer your guests something useful and branded to bring home, it becomes a daily reminder of their time with you. At Pomp & Sass we specialize in custom towels that incorporate your location’s branding and narrative. Reminiscing of their last vacation will have them coming back more frequently. They can also use it as a prop to tell their friends, family and followers about your services.

Pomp & Sass woven towels offer a wide range of uses including a beach towel, bath towel, sarong, shawl, and a light blanket. They wash easily, dry quickly, and are lightweight. Best of all, they fold incredibly small so packing them is easy. Offering them a unique style they can only acquire from you will increase the appeal.

Many travelers enjoy purchasing branded merchandise for souvenirs. They actively look for useful items that will add value to their everyday lives. Finding ethically made, environmentally friendly goods increases the odds of satisfaction in this purchase. These feel-good elements of the purchase are then associated with your brand.

Did you know that some passengers do not have access to complimentary blankets while traveling? Woven towels become a solution for those who easily become cold. Travelers can wear them as a scarf to board the plane or bus and use them as a light blanket on the journey. Need a pillow? Roll them under the head or support the lower back. The versatility of this textile becomes a saving grace for many. Ensure your guests have the solution they need for their return trip by offering them one for sale before they leave. With your branding on it, they will be reminded that you care.

Pomp & Sass

Are Custom Towels Right for my Business?
The short answer is yes! If you manage a hotel, spa, winery, boutique or marketing department you can certainly profit from custom woven towels. With such diverse applications, each location will have its own use for this versatile product. The answer may be as simple as upgrading your towels for the bath, pool or beach. This product can also be so much more. Consider using it for your services or selling it on-site so your guests can bring home a branded towel as a souvenir. Consider incorporating it into sales promotions or giving them out as branded merchandise.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend pairing tactics. For example, you may can offer your custom style in one color for use on site and another color to sell. Give them out as prizes and sell them as exclusive keepsakes. Offer them as sales promotions and hand them out to VIP guests. You can even give them as appreciation gifts in luxury suits and offer them as branded merchandise during corporate events such as golf tournaments. The combinations are endless and can be tailored to suit your goals. Feel free to connect us as Pomp & Sass for support choosing how best to use them for your marketing strategy.

Pomp & Sass

The Pomp & Sass Service of Customization
Custom towel orders are there to make your job easier. Working with Pomp & Sass to create a custom style is easy and the service is free. Our professional designer will work with you to create a fully custom style that showcases your location’s narrative and branding. If you are looking for a simple solution, choose to tailor one of our many catalog styles with your colors and logo. We consider elements such as finishings and packaging to ensure they arrive on site ready for you to implement. We also offer low minimum order quantities so that all locations, regardless of size can access them. Pomp & Sass towels are designed to be your solution.

Why choose Pomp & Sass?
By choosing our social enterprise, you will support a female owned-business with products that are ethically made and environmentally friendly. We also donate a portion of our profits to charities that support the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Well-being.

When you choose to support companies like ours, guests notice. It tells them that you are consciously working to improve our world. They will think of you every time they enjoy your branded towel, which is as luxurious as your service and comes with a generous amount of thoughtfulness. This not only does good for our global community but also works for your benefit and that of your guests. It’s a win-win.

How to Order
To order Pomp & Sass towels, please reach out to us on our website through our wholesale order forms or email us at [email protected]. Once we connect with you about your outreach, a digital set of styles will be emailed to you. With your chosen style finalized, we take care of the rest. Your custom towels are shipped directly to you with an electronic invoice to follow.

Contact Pomp & Sass
Contact Pomp & Sass on our website or via email [email protected] on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest

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