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Hospitality Buzzwords to Remember for 2021

EU Chapter

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis had strenuous effects on hotel operations. In the face of this challenge, hoteliers have adapted and created many ingenious responses to make the situation more manageable.

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Forecasting in a Time of Unknowns

With the advent of the ‘new normal’, hotel owners and operators must begin considering the various financial and operational scenarios in their forecasts extending into 2021. Accurate forecasting is notoriously tricky, even in “business as usual” scenarios.

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2023 Trends in Luxury Wellness

We will be discussing the latest trends in wellness in the luxury segment, relating to teams as well as guests, including: The importance of wellness in your team – the theory of reciprocity, committing to wellness values, the use of AI in wellness and from couch to sun lounger – the move of therapies such as hypnotherapy into wellness

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Market Overview of Portugal


1. The role of government in Portugal’s evolution
2. Increasing luxury demand – and what people want
3. The role of the brands. Do they add value, and do they attract global guests?
4. Investors – who are they, and what are they drawn to?
5. How to accelerate ADR growth

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A New Era for Revenue Management

The International Luxury Hotel Association’s European Chapter discusses game changes in the revenue management world with a data-focused overview of hotel performance by Michael Grove, Chief Operating Officer, HotStats.

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