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Premium Hydration | Supporting Your Bottom Line

The fundamental human need for water has been taken for granted for generations, and the rise of the global health and wellness economy has once again brought hydration into the spotlight. 

This time, without plastic. 

Leading hospitality groups from Four Seasons to Ritz-Carlton and Accor have turned to companies like tabl’eau Filtered Water to provide an elevated and impactful hydration experience that eliminates the need for single-use bottled, packaged and delivered water at their luxury properties. 

“It’s established – there is a definitive transition away from bottled water,” says Deb Belinsky, Founder and Partner at tabl’eau Filtered Water. “At tabl’eau, our mission is to change the way that water is presented. The provision of water doesn’t need to look industrial or institutional. As a company, we have introduced functional design and beautiful aesthetics showing that the provision of water can be respectfully integrated into any environment,” says Belinsky.            

Social demand is driving the on-site hydration category. Global health and wellness is anticipated to finish 2023 as a $5,319.44 billion dollar industry. North America was the largest region in the health and wellness market in 2022 and is expected to be the fastest-growing region in 2023. The rise in popularity of zero-proof, non-alcoholic beverages at restaurants and event venues in the luxury hotel space.

The awareness of how much bottled and packaged water moves around the world has brought the problem of single-use and the added carbon emissions to the forefront of conversation. Sustainable redesign of operations to eliminate carbon emissions on property, with a focus on energy, water and waste initiatives. Stakeholders and guests want premium hydration without the environmental implications. 

“When we were starting out, we noted that most companies in the category were
transactional (they would lease you a system, and in turn, you would issue a check.)
We introduced a vertically integrative approach to the category and intentionally
designed all of our collateral to offer revenue generation opportunities for our clients.

We also took a different approach by offering monthly fixed-cost leasing, which includes
all service, maintenance, and filter changes. Taking service a step further, we introduced
our proactive maintenance, which has us initiating quarterly visits to our systems.” 

– Deb Belinsky, Founder and Partner at tabl’eau Filtered Water

tabl’eau is focused on the end-to-end hydration experience to have premium hydration seamlessly solve for hotel, resort and spa properties by:

  • Procuring industry-leading eco-forward equipment and smart filtration.
  • Signature sparkling water profile (effervescence)
  • Consistent still water profile 
  • Served in signature glacier blue carafes, handmade from recycled glass
  • Exclusive, cobrandable products intentionally built around hydration
  • Data collection: We digitally track and share water consumption for all tabl’eau eco-forward systems. Water consumption metrics can be used by our clients to build their ESG communication narrative.

Together We Are

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