Exceptional Customer Service Defines Luxury Brands

You know that attention to every detail is the rule, not the exception, in the luxury hotel business. From the perfectly soothing scents of the toiletries to the smooth textures of the sheets and towels, you’ve thought of everything. Automated room controls, easy-to-access in-room technology options, and beyond-comfortable furnishings are a must-have for every guest who stays with you.

So how do you stand out in the luxury hotel market? The answer is simple: top-notch, personalized guest experiences. 

Avendra has seen an increase in demand for those items that help luxury properties exceed their guests’ expectations. Wellness is a top priority among both business and leisure travelers. We’ve helped our clients with everything from food and beverage offerings featuring plant-based options, upscaled “mocktails” and other beverages featuring adaptogens to finding fresh, locally sourced ingredients to give guests the experience of local flavors.

However, beyond the offerings, it’s the experienced staff who ensures every guest and every event is a stress-free and elevated experience. For example, a well-trained restaurant manager, who remains calm in the face of adversity, can set the tone for the rest of the restaurant and banquet staff, thereby offering a relaxing enjoyable dining experience.

Sonny Hare, Director of Business Development for Avendra, recently coordinated the East Coast Chapter meeting of ILHA. There were a few hiccups along the way, as with any event, but the final straw arrived with a tropical storm that brought a quick end to an outdoor event intended to host 50+ guests.

“If it hadn’t been for the restaurant manager’s unflappable, calm demeanor, the situation would have certainly been more nerve-racking,” Sonny said. “She calmly and expertly rearranged her restaurant and her staff, who was equally calm and efficient, to accommodate our large group of more than 80 guests. There was literally nothing for me to worry about amid a horrific storm just hours before a major event, all thanks to her ability to manage the event and put me at ease.”

Front desk and concierge staff who are well-trained and well-informed put your guests at ease from the moment they arrive. But the seemingly small details of a guest’s stay make a truly elevated experience. Room availability, amenities, and special accommodations should appear to the guest to be routine for your staff, not a bothersome request.

If you were to stop any member of your staff for directions to your on-site spa, would they give a head nod in that direction and say, “It’s over there.”? Or would they smile, stop what they’re doing, and say “Let me show you where it is.”?

Personalized on and off-site recommendations can make your property a home away from home for your guests. Training your staff to tactfully ask detailed questions, and listen carefully to the responses, ensures your guests find the perfect hiking trail, museum, or concert tickets to enhance their trip.

When a business traveler needs assistance with the technology in their workspace, are you advising them to call a hotline or are you offering on-site concierge tech consultants for thorny IT problems, that seem even more daunting when you’re traveling and trying to work remotely?

Avendra associates work closely with our luxury clients to ensure meeting rooms are inviting, and comfortable and offer the tech tools your guests need to work remotely from your property. It’s the personal touches your well-trained staff provides that make your property the one guests return to. Calmly and efficiently helping a business guest move their meeting from virtual to on-site at your property or providing on-site technical assistance are hallmarks of outstanding customer service. Is your team up to the task?

Today’s labor market has made hiring and retaining quality staff a challenge. However, an investment in training and putting the right person in the right role within your property will pay huge dividends in the form of rave reviews and repeat guests. 

Avendra ensures your property is well-appointed, modern, and efficient so you can focus on that most important element: outstanding guest service.

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