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Extend and elevate your hotel’s brand.

By Alex Siegel, Founder, CEO for My Mosaic
26 April 2023
4 min read
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Keeping your brand on the minds of your guests is at the heart of your mission, but it can be challenging to find new ways to engage them. Luxury guests can be hard to please, and it’s even harder to gain their repeated loyalty. You’re constantly scanning your property to see ways to improve and engage, always trying to keep up with guest expectations, retain loyalty and keep your competitive edge.

But there are some easy ways to connect with your guests, elevate your brand and even create some tempting morsels for the gift shop without a huge shift in strategy or a big dip in your budget. You can attract, engage, and elevate your guest experience and keep your hotel brand on the minds of your guests for years to come – with a little creativity.

Weave storytelling into your brand.

Incorporating a little creative storytelling into your narrative is a sure-fire way to engage with your guests and create an emotional connection that ties them to your brand and property. Your narratives can be in video format and shared in ads and social media and can be told through the eyes of a guest, or can incorporate a unique character that exemplifies your brand. Your storytelling can focus on a certain topic, such as the history of your property, or can be an exploration of your incredible amenities as told through the eyes of a guest.

Refreshing your story with a new set of eyes.

Visual artists are storytellers who interpret your brand and your property’s best assets through a fresh lens. Artwork lends your brand personality, inspiration, and an interesting way for your guests to experience your brand.

Once the creative juices start flowing, you may start to see a lot of new ways that you can combine art with your brand to increase awareness of your business.

You can refresh your logo with a stunning visual behind it, or create a series of interior paintings to be displayed in your lobby and repeated on printed materials like menus and brochures.

Signage and brand identity can be uplifted and renewed, and these updates can be reverberated on your website and social media.

A proven strategy to increase brand awareness.

A University of Georgia study found that using visual art consistently elevated brands in the consumer’s eye, evoking an aura of culture, sophistication, luxury, prestige and refinement just by association with art and the art world. This elevated association makes a visual art brand extension the perfect strategy for the luxury hotel industry.

Choosing the right artist

When considering which artists to work with, think about your brand’s image, feel, and intention. Look for artists who align with your brand philosophy. Consider other ties to your brand, such as whether the artist is local or notable in your region. These types of connections can be valuable to your guests. Discuss the project and get the artists’ ideas, as well as some preliminary sketches to confirm you’re on the same page.

New income streams and spectacular client gifts

Extending your brand also means extending your offerings when it comes to client gifts and items for your gift shop. Your beautiful, branded artwork can be used to create high-quality objects that your guests can purchase, or that you can gift to your best clients.

If you choose thoughtful, functional items, they’ll be cherished and used daily, displayed prominently, and talked about often, keeping your brand on the minds and in the hearts of your guests. Make them beautiful, elegant, and functional, and they’ll be cherished.

This whimsical watercolor of Rosewood Miramar Beach was the perfect wedding gift for the lucky couple who got married there. A beautiful and functional keepsake that lives on display in their homes forever. 

Can we help?

My Mosaic works with artists to extend brands for some of the hospitality industry’s finest resorts and hotels across the country. Our Luxury Acrylic Trays and our Signature Coaster Sets are quality keepsakes that are extremely versatile and can pair with any type of artwork. Contact us for more information.

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