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Finding Balance: Automation AND Personal Connection

24 March 2023
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As the hospitality industry becomes increasingly automated due to economic, consumer or technological pressures, hoteliers are looking for new ways to maintain personal connections with guests. Insert Jupiter & Company, a custom product and engraving company with a mission-to create moments of connection to foster feelings of joy and appreciation. With a unique personal touch, Jupiter & Company offers hoteliers a way to find a balance between automation and personal connection by engraving the guest’s name onto promotional products.

In a day and age where technology is increasingly taking over the guest journey, engraving a name onto a custom product allows for connecting with the guest in a more intimate and personal way. Whether the product is a memento of a guest’s stay or something special to make them feel appreciated, engraving a name can help create a memorable experience that the guest will carry with them long after their stay.

Not only does engraving a name make a guest feel personally recognized, but it can also be an important marketing and branding tool for the hotel. An engraved product giveaway can be a tangible representation of the hotel’s brand, allowing guests to remember their stay and become an advocate for the hotel. An engraved product, complete with the hotel’s branding, can travel with the guest wherever they go, potentially reaching a much bigger audience than the hotel could otherwise.

Personal acknowledgment is always a good thing. Engraving a guest’s name is a powerful and cost-effective way to create personal connection and tangible promotion. Custom engraved gifts can make guests feel personally recognized, create a strong connection with the hotel’s brand, and create a memorable experience to increase loyalty and repeat business. In this age of increasing automation, engraving names on product giveaways is an effective way for hoteliers to support continued personal connection with their guests.

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