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Gain Powerful Procurement Insights and Boost Profits with the Help of Data and Technology

19 October 2021
2 min read
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Luxury operators spend countless hours personalizing their services so guests can leave with a memorable experience – from the perfect lighting in every room to the chocolates on guests’ pillows.

Finding the best purchasing solutions for those memorable experiences can be time consuming and come at a high price. Operators are serious when it comes to their procurement process, selecting only the best suppliers to support their customized amenities and services.

But hospitality procurement departments often lack visibility into purchasing success factors such as pricing, distribution contracts, commodity benchmarks and leveraged buying.

By using technology, you gain that visibility into custom data and spend management for better procurement decision making.

Every operation generates an overwhelming amount of data points in every aspect of purchasing such as what they purchased, how much they purchased, who they purchased from and what they paid for it. Most operators do nothing with this data.

What if we said there is a way to take all that unused dirty data and put it to work to drive profits without having to manually count line items or compare prices? And what if we said this data can be used to help you find the best savings on products you are already using in your operation?


Transform Your Purchasing
With the help of Source1 technology, you can streamline many areas of your purchasing such as tracking food costs and spend management, digital invoices, and auditing purchasing contracts.

By leveraging technology and the data you produce every day, you get access to actionable business intelligence. Having visibility into your purchasing behaviors can help you make more informed and more profitable purchasing decisions.


Source1 delivers purchasing visibility and thousands of ways to save on products and services including food, disposables, linens, maintenance supplies, and more. To streamline your purchasing and procurement functions, visit Source1Purchasing.com.