Give Travelers the Power to Build Their own Luxury Experience

Not all travelers are created equal. What some travelers enjoy, others might not. So why not give each traveler the power to create their own experiences?

Today hotels are introducing more technology in order to better appeal to guests and modernize the overall guest experience.  Good technology simplifies hotel processes, and communication to quickly cater to all guest needs.  It also helps staff understand what guests want, who they are and what to offer them. By offering each guest the right amenities to choose from, guests have the ability to easily curate the exact luxury experience they’re looking to enjoy. 

Here’s how guests can create their own luxury experience:

Check-in and out on their own time 

The option of mobile check-in and checkout lets guests allocate their own time and lets them deal with any hotel procedures before arriving. With mobile check-in guests can enjoy the luxury of walking right into the hotel and starting their vacation without any delays. 

Mobile check-in and checkout also gives guests the freedom to customize the time they want to spend at the hotel. Let’s say the standard guest check-in is at 2pm, and the standard guest checkout is at 11am–but this specific guest lands at 5am and doesn’t want to wander around until their room is ready. Instead of waiting, they can choose an early check-in option for 5am, rather than waiting 6 hours and feeling overwhelmed.

Tailored amenities and services 
Offer a wide range of amenities that will suit any guest. For guests who come for wellness and relaxation give the option of healthy menu options, yoga/ other guided workouts, pool and spa amenities, etc. For guests who come for a family vacation offer the option of kids clubs, family activities and more. For guests who come for a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries provide special decor services, reservations for restaurants, spa packages and more. 

Having a wide range of amenities and services within the hotel allows guests to choose amenities that suit their needs and wants. Ask questions when guests arrive to understand what kind of experience they are interested in and highlight the amenities that they might enjoy. If you feel that the in-house services and amenities are not enough or not suitable, be informative about what they might be interested in surrounding the hotel area. 

By providing such a variety of options guests can best curate their schedules to create their own luxury experience.

An app for simple and easy access to everything

A guest app might just be the cherry on top. Guests love to have everything in the palm of their hands, so why not provide them with the option of a guest app that gives them everything they need when on vacation? A guest app can also be in the form of a web app, which doesn’t require any download and makes for easy access.

Be there for every step of the guest journey, from providing directions before arrival, to mobile check-in, to customized amenities, tours and activities, and way more. A guest app is a portal that gives guests anticipated information, communication, and relaxation. It’s like having a personal assistant throughout the vacation–an ultimate luxury feeling.

With a guest app guests can book in-house, and out-house activities and services quickly and easily. They can also communicate with staff and get immediate responses. Plus they get access to an informational digital booklet, so they can stay in the know about everything they might need while staying at your hotel. Plus way more. 

The key is in their hands. Another big plus to having a guest app is providing digital keys. Guests will never lose their keys, or have to wait to receive one.  If they choose to check-in via the app, they can bi-pass the lines and head straight to their rooms to enjoy their stay right away. 

Creating a luxury guest experience has never been better

Give guests the control over their vacation, without making it stressful. A guest app has all the tools hoteliers and guests need to make it easy to build a luxury experience that best suits what they’re looking for. No matter who might be traveling, and what their interests are make every stay perfect for them. 

Adir Ron, Chief of Marketing
Adir Ron is the Chief Marketing Officer at Duve, an end-to-end guest experience platform that increases both guest satisfaction and hotel performance. Adir is an expert in marketing, having over 17 years of experience leading high tech companies with smart digital marketing strategies and tactics. Adir is also a lecturer in digital and social media marketing and has spoken in multiple panels along with leading courses on how to improve your ROI through Marketing and Analysis.