Global Change Maker for Hospitality Influencer Tracking

Stockholm, Sweden. A unique measurement & matching tool for influencer marketing, now launching to the hospitality industry and lifestyle influencers in the global market.

Valuefication’s aims to be the global leader in matching hospitality brands with impact makers around the world based on their social media performance and actual influence on target audience, to generate traffic and bookings.

“We saw the need of creating a simple way for the hospitality industry to validate influencers impact online and see the actual matching rate to your own brand. We have hotel clients getting up to 60 requests per day from influencers wanting free hotel rooms in exchange for just posting a few pictures from their stay on social media, without even mentioning their brand or telling their brand story. The manual process of analyzing these profiles is costly, resulting in many lost opportunities and can actually be damaging to the brand. However, if you find the right person that speaks to your audience, matching your brand values, influencer marketing can have a tremendous impact on immediate traffic and booking”, says Jeroen Gulickx, CEO of Mocinno Hospitality Group

The tool, which is built on graphical API´s by HiQ Sweden, has been 100% approved by Facebook and Instagram which allows access to all deep levels of data. You tube, Google Analytics, Blogs and Linked In will be added to the platform shortly, followed by Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Twitch.

“From my years of working as a Marketing Director I wanted to create a tool where I can get a cross-channel analysis, in real-time simply presented in one place and dashboard. This is crucial to understand where you need to put your efforts, what works in respective channel and who the best person is to deliver it”, says Susanne Lundberg, CEO Valuefication

“We want to offer our clients the marketing insights they need to make quick and secure judgements of both own marketing activities as well as who to work with and being able to follow the ROI of all activities every day, Susanne continues.

Companies and agencies pay a small subscription to use the service, while influencers join for free.

We encourage all our hotel clients not to work with any influencers without seeing their performance rates through this tool. Our hotel users now ask all influencers who contact them to get their free account on our website to immediately see their performance rates, target audience and the match rate with your brand, based on profile and audience demographics. We are super excited to see global hospitality brands and influencers now joining this tool to analyze their own social media channels, see user’s performance and impact and get matched with the best collaborators, says Jeroen Gulickx.

All ILHA members are now offered this tool for only €800/year! To get a free demo and sign-up to the tool please email your interest to [email protected]

About Company
Valuefication is founded by a group of hospitality and marketing experts. The company aims to disrupt Influencer marketing within hospitality globally and help optimize sales and revenue opportunities. The technology analyzes all the main social media channels to show the brand value, performance as well matching rate with validated influencers around the world.

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Susanne Lundberg
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]