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Global Impact of Hospitality Excellence: Post-pandemic diversity and inclusion

2 February 2022
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Hospitality Excellence

As the luxury hospitality industry continues to recover, strategies to authentically reconnect with key stakeholders, cultivate future realities, diminish consumer anxiety, and communicate more effectively are at the forefront in influencing global impact. Beyond the current COVID-19 climate we are to closely monitor the rapidly changing developments on travel and tourism as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is imperative that we not only make a commitment to diversity and inclusion, but begin to cultivate relationships, educate stakeholders, connect vision with future realities, and prioritize cultural intelligence.

Shift in Priority
There is a new standard of excellence that is fueling global influence within the marketplace of ideas. COVID-19 has enhanced demands for mutual respect, more inclusive accommodations, safety, and favorable conditions for luxury travel experiences. Hospitality excellence as we knew it pre-pandemic has shifted to a more integrative approach. During this unprecedented time, we have begun to ask deeper, more relevant questions and explore integrative concepts to prioritize relevance, understanding differences to best navigate ambiguity to get a broad sense of what is going on in the world around us.

The impact of COVID-19 on luxury travel and tourism has disrupted the market and changes in consumer behavior to social issues has raised standards on hospitality and expectations as travel re-emerges. Luxury hoteliers that prioritize diversity and inclusion environments with a belief that multiple points of view, life experiences, ethnicities, cultures, and perspectives are essential to hospitality excellence will gain influence in the marketplace post-pandemic. With 37% of the general population planning a luxury travel experience in the next year, the general market shows stronger interest in luxury travel than the AHNW population (Mintel, 2021).

Brand reputation and global impact are closely linked to influence in the luxury hotel sector. Now more than ever, digital media and global conversations are driving diversity and inclusion strategies, safety/security, and brand reputation. The shift in priority within the industry has stimulated brands who are serious about converting innovation into global impact. At the forefront of the shift in priorities are executive strategies that are designed to help resolve systemic inequalities via shared responsibility and brand commitment.

Inclusive Process
Before we can begin to authentically include and evolve as an industry we must seek to get to know people. By intentionally identifying diverse stakeholders we will broaden our understanding of new spheres of influence, think beyond the current landscape, and begin to strengthen existing communications to frame authentic solutions that can ultimately rebuild trust. In the coming future, the importance of market segmentation will become more evident with the reawakening of crucial conversations and accountability. Knowing the demographic, geographic, psychologic, and behavioral segmentation of key stakeholders will help to simplify diversity and inclusion initiatives. Effective post-pandemic diversity and inclusive strategy will have the potential to influence both internal and external stakeholders. Diversity and inclusion in the luxury hotel industry mean more about the reconstruction of thought processes and not just the recognition of differences within the industry.

Cultural Intelligence
Established brands in the luxury hospitality sector are now faced with the responsibility of educating stakeholders and being accountable. A key post-pandemic responsibility is to refrain from making assumptions. In the new paradigm of hospitality excellence, knowledgeable more informed stakeholders will be key to innovative communication. Hoteliers can maximize favorable and engaging messages that will influence and inspire accountability practices.

Make inclusivity a priority and not just a COVID-19 trend. Find ways to support multicultural intelligence. Build mutually beneficial relationships. Be intentional and seek to incorporate fresh new ideas and perspectives. Cultivate authentic sentiment in all communication efforts. Remain relevant in the marketplace. Add multicultural affairs and encourage mutual respect of diverse cultures and differences. The success of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives should be measurable. Important decisions must be developed around brand reputation strategies and translated into cultural intelligence. Access barrier concerns to inclusivity. Poll stakeholders to increase engagement and awareness of cultural diversity. Analyze and measure progress

Future and Long Term Behavior
Long-term implications for luxury brands in the hospitality sector will look more inclusive for brands who have adapted to the global changes and reawakened to corporate social responsibility efforts. Result-driven and measurable impact on the achievement of strategic goals will deliver tangible results, diverse representation. A demonstrated understanding of how to connect, engage, and influence diversity and inclusion innovative experiences will be necessary post-pandemic.

The risk associated with a lack of accountability and adaptability will have a long-term effect on the hospitality industry as a whole. Exploring how to best navigate and maximize internal and external diversity and inclusivity strategies post-pandemic will consequently reveal long-term implications for profound global impact. There is an interconnectedness between corporate culture, future sustainability, and relevance. The new standards of hospitality excellence will produce more informed stakeholders and will be key to global influence. The future of luxury hospitality will depend on authentic brand behavior.

About the author
Mytecia MylesA native of Detroit, MI, Mytecia Myles is a creative, bold, and innovative leader. She is a strategic communications executive, wellness equity strategist, and speaker. Myles has consulted top brands on how to influence success in their sphere of influence. She is the founder of Supernatural Success, LLC., a PR & Communications consulting firm, specializing in the beauty, spa, wellness, and hospitality sectors. She is the author of Success Shifting, a forthcoming book. Visit www.supernaturalsuccesspr.net, email her at [email protected], follow her on Twitter @speaks_pr.